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June 05, 2008



It's waaay to early for my pea brain to comprehend your blog. But I think I'll have a spam burger for lunch.


I still think its funny how people get paid for sending Spam emails out...

BTW, I tried Spam, the food for the first time two weeks ago...probably the worst smelling and tasting food ever


"I'll have the spam, spam, spam, spam, baked beans and spam."


while some of it gobbley gook, alot of those special characters have to do with the browser/email client not getting the right character set. alot of email clients are set to handle the windows charset, iso-8859-1 or 1251 (forget off hand) when they would be better off handling things in utf-8.

sorry thats probably more then you care for, i can hear the gong right now.


bean... that was the most disappointing blog entry i have read so far.
you really didn't want to write anything today did you


Thanks for that info, Bean. I have always wondered what all those nonsense words are in so many emails. Now I do. Or should I say, "Mho prefict nadoodt."

Vic Rattler

I saw "Feedback Fill Scrotum" on the side stage at Coachella, great band.

Julius Marx

I've been noticing the Spam I get getting more weird and aggressive.

I get a lot of them at my gmail account with the subject line "Boy, Julius you sure look stupid!" or "I found a really stupid picture of you" and even "You sure have a stupid looking face!"
So wait, now my spam insults me?

Dave W

Yes the above comments are correct. Worse post yet and your computer does not have the font to display the text. I am an email administer and responsible for blocking spam and this is very common. I can send you more in other languages if you like.



I'm just glad that tomorrow is Tater Tot day!


Re: Kenrick - there are I0 kinds of people in this world. Those who understand binary and those who get laid.

Tina C

I think they need to be encoded first. View> Character Encoding> select Japanese.

P.S Jelly Fish, 95% is water.


@steve - good thing I don't understand binary or I would not have enjoyed your mom as much! :P


Hey Bean those are most likely the equivalent character values for Japanese characters your computer most likely doesn't support that. Thats why you are seeing all the weird symbols instead of Japanese characters.


"feedback filled scrotum" WAS awesome! but their opening act "Scrotum Mutter" was much more the style I was looking for...

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