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June 03, 2008



Poor Sarah!


You know she was actually cute in LA Story. But why women think she is the epitome of beauty escapes me. Kristin Davis makes the entire cast look like head cheese.


You neglected to mention SJP's film debut in the inspirational sports epic,"Gus." Paired with Tim Conway, she plays a mule that kicks field goals.


I don't get why men have such a bone to pick with SJP. What's up with that? I think men are just angry that she has the audacity to be confident and not subject herself to 500 plastic surgery operations like every other actress in Hollywood. That Bitch!

Whatever, I still love her!


No, Frances, that is not it. It's that she looks like a horse.


boo Bean! not nice! It was a great movie for anyone who was a fan of the series. Anyway, did anyone notice her body in the movie- smoking hot!

cathy g

oh my goodness. too funny bean.

i never noticed the horse reference until not one but two male friends pointed it out to me. now every time i see her i totally crack up.

still loved sex & the city. i am for team charlotte... kristin davis way hotter!


I'm a woman, and I don't get the whole "Sex In the City" thing, either. I don't pay for premium cable, so I didn't watch the series when it was on, and when I decided to check out an episode during one of those free preview weekends, I was NOT impressed.

As for SJP's appearance, I don't care. I don't get it, but still, I don't care (same as with Julia Roberts - I don't think she's particularly pretty, either, but I do think that her on-screen personality is fun). And I don't think her clothes are all that, either. I also think Kristen Davis is more attractive than she is, but it's still in that category of "so what, who really cares?" Looks fade with time, anyway, or, if someone is really an idiot, they can go under the knife and turn themselves into Frankenstein or Priscilla Presley.

Kings Fan

Funniest. Post. Ever. Yes, SJP did look good in LA Story, but that was before she started developing her equestrian look. I'm waiting for that lump on her face to take life and attack her. And yes, Kristin Davis can chase the rest up a tree. She is smoking hot!


I am going to have to disagree with your blog, Bean. Not just because I love the Sex and the City series (I did NOT like the movie as much as I did the series) but because I appreciate that SJP doesn't look like every other actress or model in Hollywood. Of course everyone who's commented thinks Kristen Davis is the hottest one on the show - she's also the most stereotypical beauty on the show. I think that all the Sex and the City women are beautiful and I hope that SJP continues to be wildly successful to piss all the rest of you off.


Ever since I have seen the movie Hocus Pocus I have always said she looks like a witch regardless of what she wears but now I see comparing her to a horse does way more justice.

brother john

One can applaud the ideals but it takes a Spartan to act like a Spartan. After yesterday's post I can't imagine Mr.Rogers being as crass as this. The post about the high priced painting a while ago should have dispelled all doubts that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


A horse is a horse of course, of course,
And this one'll talk 'til her voice is hoarse.
You never heard of a talking horse?

Well listen to this, she is Mrs. Ed

Sunny Days

Why do you hate, Bean?


I guess SJP didn't get the message that you need to be a beauty queen to be successful in Hollywood or in her case New York. I would bet that she won't be thinking much about her looks when she cashes the $$$ she made making Sex and the City movie. Better to look like a horse than act like a horses a##.


Thank you!!! I thought I was the only one who thought this!

drink it up

I agree with Peter Griffin when he said SJP's face looks like a foot.


I'm just sayin'........


Those are some good looking horses


If this were a just world, all women who go see "Sex and the City" would come out of the theatre looking like a horse.


Shae said, "It was a great movie for anyone who was a fan of the series."

To this, I respectfully disagree. I am an educated, single woman in my 40s, this film was made and marketed to me. I loved the series, and I thought this film was an INSULT to fans of the series. It abandoned the intelligence and wit that the series delivered and replaced it with cliched dialogue and characters that were empty shells of their former selves.

I also have to disagree with Frances who alleges SJP didn't "subject herself to 500 plastic surgery operations." Look again, Frances. Compare old pictures to the current SJP. She maybe hasn't hit the number 500, but at the very least, she's had her eyes done since the series ended, and other modifications have been made to her face throughout her career. Why she subjects herself to the knife without getting that mole lanced is a mystery. But don't kid yourself, she's had work done.



I agree EditThis...Peter Griffin has it correct. She does look like a foot. But I am noticing the marked resemblance to Mr. Ed.

I would also have to say that she falls into that category once shown on Seinfeld. Looks good in one light, but is disastrous in another light. :)

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