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June 23, 2008


Kings Fan

I just placed my order and I'll let you know as soon as I find out. Great post today!


These guys can become the biggest clients of the overseas sweat shops!


damn my curiosity, now i will be buying something from them! :)


My husband's not a huge fan of yours anyway - but now he's going to be really mad! This website is going to get lots of my cash.

You had me at ten dollars...


Nothing better than a surprise embryo in the mail...but noooo

Sketchbook by Chris

As soon as I heard about this, I KNEW they were getting your money. There is a sucker living on every island.


I am so beyond excited about this!!!

Thanks for that info, Bean!!!


Bean!!! That is probably the most amazing website I've ever seen!! Yes, I'll let you know what my "something" is as soon as it arrives. I can't hardly wait!!!


I'm embarrassed to admit how interested I am. You know the gift is worth $3.00 and that's how they're making their money, selling to schmucks. Even after seeing that lame gift you got, I'm still tempted.

It has the excitement of a package intended for somebody else left on your doorstep anonymously. I wonder why that idea is so intriguing?


Dude, this is why I love your blog. Can't wait to see what I get!!

Fred G.

I'll send you some junk for only $5.


damn bean you got me today... i'll let you know what i get.


very interesting idea they have there...

but what i really want to know is - how is betsy????? can we get an update?


Sign me up!! Thanks Bean, because I'll have packages coming all the time now!! Holy crap, I'm done.


WOW. They say a sucker is born every minute. Looks like we have at least 10 here!


You're kidding, right??? There's one born every minute. I wonder how many boxes of Cracker Jack they emptied to get this website up and running...


Cool, Like a great, big internet Grab Bag! Only it'll come from the UPS guy, not the ice cream man! I hope I don't get one of those lame zipper wallets, though. No likey.


if i get something i don't like, can i trade it with someone here? =)


"A boat is a boat, but a mystery box could be anything. It could even be a boat." - Family Guy


I'm curious to see if everyone gets zipper bags like you did, Bean.

kez ADDITIONAL $4.75 to Canada. Is it worth it?


I just have to say to IHeartBean--that cracked me up. I spit Dr. Pepper up all over my desk.

Love the Family Guy ;)

cathy g

wow -- $10 for two gallons of gas or something random??

damn bean- that is a hard choice!!!

and i am sure there is not one hip teen out there with that hideous zipper bag!


My friends and I received our orders from the Something Store last week:
1) A purple and white tie-dyed sarong
2) A pair of cool sunglasses
3) A remote controlled speed boat
4) A karaoke microphone
5) and the exact same zipper bag you pictured above!

Can't wait for the stupid gift exchange at work this Christmas!!


I got a USB computer vacuum. I'd rather have the zipper bag.


Well, I got a miniature briefcase that is for business cards.

Oh, I also got laughed at by my husband. That was free.


So my item from the "Something Store" arrived yesterday...
It's a "Digital Pen Holder". Basically a pencil cup with a digital clock on it.

Worth $10? I don't know, but the excitement of getting something unknown in the mail is definitely a thrill!

The best bit is that the date on the clock says 2004.


I got the zipper bag, but it was in black and white. think of what to do with it.

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