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June 16, 2008



Haha! I've noticed that too and always wondered the same thing.

You have to admit one thing, the smell when you first walk into Target smells so good. Plus you can't beat their small popcorn / soda combo for a dollar.


Most Targets have automatic doors for the exits - what if you push your cart to the automatic entrance doors? Does that work?

P.S. I'd prefer that they not have the popcorn at the food section right next to the entrance - makes me hungry. I'm guessing that it's a subliminal message to go buy stuff in their junk food section.

The Gendarme

I was with you on the door thing...then you started in on the dog. Let me ask you this...who cares? What kind of ghetto Target do you go to that doesn't have automatic doors everywhere? I posit that you simply don't know where the regular exit and instead try to go out through the employee entrance...because you're supergay.

This is my strongly worded letter to you.

Larry Algaze

Ours also has the automatic doors for exiting. Sorry your Target sucks!

Maybe it's the same idea as the Vegas Casinos. Make it easy to get in, hard to leave. You'll notice Target doesn't have clocks either and none of the clicks in the clock section are set to be on time.


Dear Mr Bean,

Thank you for contacting Target. We appreciate your business and value you as a customer. We will forward your comments to the appropriate personnel. We look forward to you visiting us again.

Target Management

(Seriously Bean, do you send these letters you post here? And is this the kind of response you might get?)


Amen, brother.


So is that Spuds McKinsey's newest gig. I'm just axin'!


I love me some Target, but seriously Bean's Target - WTF?? Our Target has auto entrance and exit.

And I LOVE the bull terrier target dog. I want one! Perhaps they do have an extra one lying around for me.

Fred G.

Your Target is run by big dummies! My Target gives you the option - automatic or manual.

The exit doors are automatic on my target as well.

I'm sure they use multiple dogs. The real question is whether they own the dog(s), or whether they rent the dogs for this purpose.


Bean u r a dumbass!


Bean, it's true - most Targets (all over California! North AND South!) I've been in have the automatic exit doors. I love the other comments on your "ghetto Target." You may just have to move.


My Target has the electronic exits, so I don't feel your pain. But here's a question for you. Written on the the back of the front door of your Target does it say: "Do not enter. Entrance Only?" It says that at my store. Shouldn't it be "Do Not EXIT?"

Vic Rattler

A response from a Target...employee:

Dear Mr. Baxter,
Your stores exit door is broken and SBS (Store Building Services) is using standard operating procedure (ie; taking their sweet time fixing anything that doesn't earn money.) Wait for someone to open the the IN doors and exit there, or have someone go out first and hold the door open for you.

Or pretend to have difficulty moving and they might have the Cart Attendant help you with a carry out. If you're very convincing you could get them to let you use the little electric shopping carts they have for the elderly and incredibly huge. Good times.


Put aside your preconceptions and try Target's wine in a box. You'll thank me.


Would a ghetto Target be a "Targetto"?! Just wondering.


Ben Dover

Why would anyone want to shop at a Target anyway? Crap merchandise, minimum wage employees, low class shoppers. Come to think of it, that description fits your posters to a tee!

Now I know how much better I am than you are!


To Ben Dover:

Spoken like a true Wal-Mart employee...

Ben Dover

Hi Stacey - and our blue vests are so much more professional that your stupid red ones. Plus management doesn't pay us overtime, health benefits, or treat us too good.

And thank you for shopping Wal*Mart.

Eileen Dover

Stacey - don't you be talkin to my brother/husband like that. We tries to keep up appearances at the WalMart/dining hall. It aint easy to feeds the 14 chillen we gots. Ben tells me that once our 15th is borned, I can move back to live with his mother/wife.


LOL! :-)


Yes, there is more than one Bullseye dog.
One is actually name buddy and lives with his trainer (husband), wife, and 2 kids.
Normal dog except for the fact he is actually trained...unlike most dogs...including my own.
My question is...why are you a "guest" at Target and not a "customer" I don't remember being invited or receiving an invite. And I don't spend $150 at any of my friends houses each time I go there!


Oh Bean! Everyone knows that you need a soul to get those things to open for you.

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