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June 30, 2008


Edmund F

You'd think with all the modern day research and stories about Clinical Depression or Bi-Polar Disorder that, at least some people, would realize that there doesn't always need to be a "good" reason for Suicide.

We, as a society or at least in the media, are always looking for an epic reason for suicide, especially with beautiful, famous people. It might be something as simple as, "I haven't taken my meds for a month."

Sometimes we can't except people that are "better" than us might struggle with suicide.

Read the poem "Richard Cory" or listen to the song of the same name.

I'm done.


It is a tragedy that a person so young would want to end their life. Having said that: looking at her photos -what is up with lingerie models looking like 13 year olds?? Sometimes I wonder about our society and its values.


Alex's theory sounds hot! Sleepwalking hotties strangling each other while in skimpy sleeping attire or not... I'm just sayin'!


It is very sad and hard to understand that anyone would want to take their own life. However, more people die from suicide than murder in the U.S. Also, suicide is usually an impulsive act. When treating people after failed suicide attempts, most will say that they made up their minds to kill themselves just minutes before they attempted it. This is part of the reson why suicide is so hard to predict or prevent.


to Melvin: you're a moron.

secondly, I agree with Edmund and Patricia. someone can be super rich and beautiful and famous but still feel empty. and suicides are a-plenty yet we mostly hear about those of the rich and famous so we must begin to speculate about the rhyme and reason. it has happened to any person at any economic level or stage in their life, there's no equation to it so let it lie.


She was pushed. Probably by Igor or Sven.

The Secret

Who cares if she was an uber-model? That does not make her suicide any more or less sad or important than the down-and-out vagrant who throws himself in front of a bus.

Sad? Possibly.

Should we care? Not a bit.


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