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June 04, 2008


Emily Alexis

Weezer is so awesome. I love this video.


Debbie Gibson and Tiffany were both in Playboy in recent years. Maybe he keeps getting them mixed up.

Vic Rattler

I think he's saying; go ahead and admit you listened to Debbie too, it's just us here.

Maybe he should've said something like: "you know you loved her, you can't shake it." Or not. It was probably to hard to reference her songs in a lyric.

Personally, I remember Tiffany sang that song because Weird Al parodied it with "I Think I'm a Clone Now."


I haaaate Haahvaad


A+ Weezer- always bringing the fun videos. Who doesn't love fall on your head kung fu guy, and numma numma guy, and weird Brittney Spears crying gay guy, and abnormally deep voiced guy, crazy million dance dancer guy and.... Theonly you ube star I missed seeing in there was Lil Loca- she is so funny!

Sarina Williams

Maybe even an 80s music genious like Rivers messes up and forgets who did a song?


Ok, clearly I do not watch enough YouTube; however i will say that song is awesome.

Rebecca on Bainbridge

And Tiffany was just covering the Shondells, right? So, frankly, I don't think he's being clever -- just suggesting that the Debbi Gibson version was much cuddlier and more memorable. I wholeheartedly agree.

Francisco in North Hollywood

Hey Bean,
He actually acknowledged that he realized he made the mistake during recording but just bothered not to change it since the two of them had commonly been mistaken for each other anyway throughout the years. Hope that puts your mind at ease.


I think it was a way to reference both in one line. Rivers is so clever.


Bean i agree with you sir this new weezer is a good album and the Heart song is a good one. Do you know which song was used off the contest on youtube?


The clarification Francisco mentions above comes from the current issue of Spin magazine, which I highly recommend. In it, Rivers talks about why he mas a mustache...b/c his dad sported one in all of his baby pictures and he wants the same for his new daughter! Well, of course!

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