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June 20, 2008



That picture is too funny!! I love to laugh this early in the morning....thanks!!


who knew cell phones could take such great shots? and i hope all turns out well with Betsy.


Bean, I hope everything turns out okay for Betsy!


If you're dying to play fetch, all you need is one tennis ball and one Labrador retriever. I promise you, those are the only ingredients needed to play fetch from now until the end of time.

Wishing Betsy the best, and much love to the beautiful Tater Tot, a star and a true lady (just teasing on that last part).


Hi Bean,
I love Fridays when i get to see the lastest pictures of Tater. She is just so cute. Glad to hear that Betsy is doing better and hoping for a safe and speedy recovery.
Oh and...Nice Laker Tennis Ball. You letting Miss Tot eat them all gone since they (Lakers) are "all gone" for the season.
Happy Summer and enjoy your weekend.



How about more pictures of that beautiful house of yours? Bean cribs???? Also not relevant to this SWL post but the Russert tribute MTP had was so sad. I actually felt bad for Mary Matalin. Love you bean!


I always look forward to Friday's. Can't wait to see the next picture of Tater. I am also so happy to hear about Betsy!


I think I need that bacterial test done with my lungs. But I don't think I'd want someone else's goop inside me. Hope she makes it. If not, well at her age the steaks would be pretty tough ;)

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