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July 22, 2008



we as humans are kind of the same way except we do it in a different way. next time your are drying off after a shower, notice what looks like crumbling dirt on your arm is actually shedding skin which our body is getting rid of.

Too bad it didn't come off like a snake. That would be awesome. I would for sure seek out the skin shed off of Megan Fox


My two fiddler crabs just molted and I wondered the same thing. How did they slip out of that shell!?! The empty shells looked like ghost crabs until they finally disintegrated.

db did it taste?



Yes, I'm a girl.


Wow, that's a cool pic, Bean.

Are you busy getting your tribute to Estelle Getty ready for tomorrow's post??


Bean, I am sorry about the loss of your beloved Estelle Getty.


Why the hell are you counting chipmunks? Just shoot the little bastards and be done with it!

Johnny Socko

As Raul pointed out above, we humans do slough-off "dead" skin, but where we differ from snakes is that our skin is an organ with regenerative capabilities. It continuously repairs itself, so while we can't re-grow a severed arm, like a starfish, we DO re-grow skin to recover from minor scrapes. Snakes and certain other molting animals can only replace their skin in one fell swoop, and only at a time determined by their rate of growth.

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