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July 23, 2008


brother john

There is much in what you say.

Dierdre Jean

I can't tell you how many good intentioned people have said to me over the years that my autistic son needed to be toughened up, straightened out, or otherwise made to act normal. When I saw this on the news about Savage I was not angered, but instead just figured him to be among the many who are uneducated about autism and its effects. Bean, I agree with you 100% that even though he may be an idiot he has every right to his free speech on his show. Even if his message about autism is a negative one, it still puts it out in the spotlight and through that people just might try to learn more about it. Let him make his living by bringing issues to the forefront, even if it is in a negative fashion.


Amen. I am so tired of all these people who get offend at the littlest thing and want it removed from society. These people need to get a life and turn the channel or it off. I have a favorite show that I listen to and sometimes there are moments that make me wince but I am not going to go complaining about it because I know that there isn't anyone holding a gun to my head making me listen or making me pay for the ability to listen to it. Same thing with South Park, no one is making me watch it and I do have a remote to turn it off if I wanted. What gives these people the right to decide what I get to listen to?


Change the station? You bet. Seven radio stations have dropped him and Aflac dumped him as a sponsor. Hard to belive anybody sponsors him.

Oh wait, you did say number three, didn't you?


Amen, Bean!!! He has a right to say what he wants and we have a right not to listen. It is as simple as that!


I am a fan of hyperbole and offensive comedy just like the next guy but the incorrect and ignorant will a mass fanbase is pretty scary.


Yes, it is which all people have a right to free speech, including those protesting.


Hear hear!!! Well said Bean!!!

The Secret

Exactly. You don't have to agree with his comments, but you have to give him the right to express them.

Give these people enough rope, and they hang themselves. Its the thinning of the herd theory.

Just laugh at him, not with him.



We have the right to protest, and hate speech should not be tolerated, although I do agree that it is protected. I understand that one person's "Hey there vagina" is another person's hate speech, but as Americans we enjoy the rights of expression and the right to protest. If you don't like what you are hearing, then yes change the channel. But the rights that allow you to say what you like, also give me the right to protest what you say. Changing the channel is one way to express myself by protest.

Tiblisi not Atlanta

Sad thing is that Savage is hugely popular...firing him doesn't change the fact that most of his views are shared/co-opted by millions of his listeners. Also more blogs about radio. Like you, I love the medium and would love to get your take on other personalities and shows.


It's a sad state of affairs that everything these days is censored, watchdogged, toned down, made civilized for our protection. The other big thing is censoring things to protect our children. I wasn't protected (nor did my mother censor anything I watched or read), and I turned out just fine. As a result of her wisdom, I didn't seek out things which parents today would gasp at, because there was no thrill in seeking out the taboo. I'm so tired of the government or watchdog groups assuming that we don't have brains and can't think for ourselves (or don't know where the dial to change the station is).

This man is clearly an idiot, as are Howard Stern, Don Imus, and the other shock jocks, but one may choose to not listen to them. Personally, I find the televangelists much more offensive, but they're embraced and revered. Go figure.

Turn the dial if you don't like something, whether it be porn, bad radio, "religious leaders" who are out to get your money, or QVC. Close the magazines which have content you find obscene or distasteful. I wasn't aware that a new amendment to the Constitution had been added which allowed us to read, view, or listen to only those things which someone else deemed acceptable.


Free speech which can be hurtful, can also be helpful in isolating the idiots in our society.

cathy g

the guy is an idiot.... boycotting him or firing him isn't going to make him any less of an ignorant SOB. we would like to think that removing him would solve the problem, but he would just be replace by some other ill informed idiot who will make some other off remark and spark another debate.

great post bean.


I think this quote is perfect, "Stupidity is better kept a secret than displayed"

I get your argument for free speech argument and I completely agree.

Sunny Days

My 9-year-old daughter has Asperger's and I would invite Michael Savage to spend a week with her when she's not medicated. I hope he would get educated about autistic children, but I think he might be a lost cause. What worries me about people like him is that they appeal to people who are generally not well educated and take their rhetoric as literally as they take the bible.

Dave W

Radio is dead anyway. Sorry Bean. I am sure you already know that anyway. I have never even heard of this Savage guy until I read this post. Who are these 8 million people who are listening to him? I will not comment on autism in this reply as this is not the point I took from your post. Get a freakin portable MP3 player. Discover what an RSS feed can do for you. Enjoy the 10000000's of Podcasts, audio books, etc. and listen and be entertained by what you want when you want.



You're absolutely right about changing the channel. I get so tired of everything being censored and suppressed in this country. There's a whole generation of completely sheltered kids growing up that are going to be shocked when they get thrown into the real world.


americans are known for their below average IQ's. 8 million listeners for this idiot a week proves it, as does 44% of americans belief that jesus christ will probably return to earth in their lifetime. pull your head out america.

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