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July 29, 2008


Edmund F

Wow! I just puked.
C'mon ladies lets keep those where they belong. Out of sight.


Oh good lord Bean. Really?


Blog reader Christy... I reject you totally! What are you trying to do to my Bean? He's never going to hear the end of it! :)

Karen Haynes

why bean? WHY?


I just threw up!


Who would have thought someone had that much time on their hands??!! I'm hoping this won't be etched in my mind so everytime I see a tampon I'll be thinking of what I can make with it.

michelle k

Not that I'd make arts and crafts out of them but what's the big deal! "keep them out of sight" .. lol.. what, are we back in the 50s? It's a fact of life, get over it! Art will always be up for people to scrutinize and judge. Age old argument.


I think I just suffered an aneurysm.....


Bean, you have reached an all-time low.

What's the big deal?!?!!!

Remember what the Lord says. This is from Lev 15.

19 " 'When a woman has her regular flow of blood, the impurity of her monthly period will last seven days, and anyone who touches her will be unclean till evening.

20 " 'Anything she lies on during her period will be unclean, and anything she sits on will be unclean. 21 Whoever touches her bed must wash his clothes and bathe with water, and he will be unclean till evening. 22 Whoever touches anything she sits on must wash his clothes and bathe with water, and he will be unclean till evening. 23 Whether it is the bed or anything she was sitting on, when anyone touches it, he will be unclean till evening.

24 " 'If a man lies with her and her monthly flow touches him, he will be unclean for seven days; any bed he lies on will be unclean...
... 28 " 'When she is cleansed from her discharge, she must count off seven days, and after that she will be ceremonially clean. 29 On the eighth day she must take two doves or two young pigeons and bring them to the priest at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting. 30 The priest is to sacrifice one for a sin offering and the other for a burnt offering. In this way he will make atonement for her before the LORD for the uncleanness of her discharge."

So in Summary I say, "Away from me you unclean woman, but bring me a beer first."


Tampons are too expensive to make crafts with. Bring on the cXXX rings!

cathy g


this is an all time low bean


whew I read this before lunch yaaaaaa

Kings Fan

Um... what?


YIKES! I don't know, at close to $5 bucks a box I can't imagine even thinking about alternate uses. Now they are embedded in my brain. I wonder what useful information fell out of my brain to make space for this crap! Thanks, Bean.


I have no words... the earrings..BLEGH.. no Bean, just no

The Secret

Meh - its like bad TV. If you don't like it, don't watch.

And stop acting like little kids. You know you like it. How many of you went back and took a closer look? Or visited the website? You all are a little sick, just admit it!

your wife

hubba! "menstrual pride?" really? the hijinx that ensues while i'm away!

icky! i hope daughter melissa doesn't read this today, or i think you know what you will be getting from her for xmas.


You're SICK Bean!!!!!

Fred G.



As one of your more "mature" readers...thank you for this info, Bean. Now that I am post-menopausal, I was wondering what I was gonna do with those now unnecessary boxes of Tampax I have.


I think today you may have crossed a line Bean....


Your wife will want you to make her a welcome back gift. I'm just saying.


No no no no no no no.


Bean, just because you CAN make something out of something else, doesn't mean you SHOULD.


Gross. I'm going to file 13 this image with the image of a crocheted willy warmer I once saw.


Jesus help us, just looking at those earrings makes me want to crawl into a hole. that is not necessary in life at all... the person who thought that up is a complete douchebag. and there is NO such thing as "menstrual pride."

Vic Rattler

I was against this entry until I read the comments. Well done Bean and Christy.

John E

And remember ladies, used tampons can be given to vampires to use as tea bags!

ba dum dum pssssh!!!

I don't know about you, but I want my arts and crafts gifts to have no strings attached!

ba dum dum pssssh!!!

I went to the website and these things are bloody difficult to make!

ba dum dum pssssh!!!

Take my wife's tampon, please!

ba dum dum pssssh!!!

I heard that Kotex is making tampons with bells on them, but only for the Christmas period.

ba dum dum pssssh!!!

Oh I tell ya, I tell ya. My wife is so short, she keeps stepping on the string!

ba dum dum pssssh!!!

Thank you, thank you. I'm here all week! Try the veal!

I can't stop laughing.


Tampons today....
Condoms tomorrow.


Hee hee! I'm totally making the turkey. Cooking my first turkey this thanksgiving , AND making my first tampon turkey! Imagine that centerpiece with grammy and papa sitting 'round the table. Not to mention the teenage daughter & niece! How awful would that be?! I'm starting now.


The site is almost as good as the one I found last week that gives instructions on how to make baby toys out of condoms.


THANK YOU! This really just made my day. WHAT a riot. I can just imagine the Tampon Turkey centerpiece on my dinner table during Thanksgiving dinner. Very appetizing!


That is wrong on so many levels.


Hey Gals, if you want to save money on tampons, use toilet paper. I learned this living kinda rough in Mexico. Tear off about a foot, wrap it around your fingers then fold it to a comfortable size. Insert. When it's ready to be changed, the moisture will make it easy to expel using your muscles, and it's flushable (unless you're in a third world country then use the trash can). I've switched to glad rags (www.gladrags.com) when at home... I mean think about a landfill full of your used tampons, now what's more 'gross'?


menstrual pride, really? That's like having racial price.

blog reader christy, you're fat and disgusting.

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