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July 25, 2008



Are you channeling Garrison Keillor today?

I may just have to own that book.

Hang in there Tot!


That has to be the best picture of tater tot, yet, so cute. Poor tater tot, my pug, pugsy, sits on dirt, too. She has ruined flower beds, because she sits on the dirt. Poor babies.


Is it that odd that I love both animals AND wallpaper?

This post was a dream come true!

Angela J

I'm slightly frightened because i did love the "French Bulldog" pic on the website (Though you did look like an ass) It propted me to check out Tater on your blog. Bottom Line- Tater is one of the cutest dogs EVER!


We feel your pain Tater. My dog has dug a hole and lounges in it all day long. Sheesh.


Gee Bean,

I thought your house was pink. Have a great weekend.


That is probably one of the best pics of Tater. My basset hounds have dug holes all over the yard so that they can escape the heat. It is really cute until they decide to sleep in my bed right afterwards ... LOL!

The Secret

I think I'm allergic to TTF. Makes me ill to think about.

We need YH&AF (Young, Hot & Asian Fridays).

Mmmmmmm - YH&AF!!!


Poor Tater! My neighbor has an English Bulldog too, and he hates the heat. Unfortunately for him, we live in the Bad Place.


My cat beats the heat by lounging around in the bathroom sink. Not original, but it does seem to work pretty well for him.

It keeps him from tracking dirt in the house, and inspires me to make sure that I rinse all the toothpaste down the drain every time I brush.

Ignacio P.

I've been horribly depressed today Bean, but thank you for showing me a happy Tator Tot. It gives me some hope that there's something right in the world out there.


I have to admit that sometimes, some dogs are smarter than cats. One of our cats, on the hottest time of day, sleeps in his sheepswool-lined basket in the hottest part of the house (the indoor patio).

Russel P

I love Tater and you have the best blog on the Interwebs! Don't listen to the haters! Here's my bulldog, Lily:

I love the color of that house. I really envy where you live Bean. If you ever need a manwhore, call me up.

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