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July 01, 2008



they must be busy. it took four minutes to get a response on how to make a perfectly soft boiled egg.

it's a neat service. i'll let you know if i ever need to use it for real.


I asked, "How can I get Bean to stop blogging?" No answer yet, but I'll keep you posted. ;)


Pretty neat site. Another internet idea missed by me.

Kings Fan

My first question resulted in a less than exciting answer. I asked where the bext Mexican restaurant was in Cerritos, CA and it told me Rubio's Baja Grille. I already love me the Rubio's, but thought I was going to be turned on to somewhere new.


My answer took a minute. Next time, I'll ask something I dont' know the answer to! Cool site - Thanks Bean!

Monica W.

the age old question has been answered.. Johnny Cash is a better musican then Elvis! thanks ChaCha!!!!


wow, this is a great idea and I'm glad it actually exists! and with real people, that are native English speakers nonetheless. thanks for the heads up, I'll definitely try this out soon.

Miss Grace

I'm a chacha guide :)

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