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July 14, 2008


Edmund F

They should let him go. The Raiders will probably overpay him to stand behind an inept O-Line and get squished.


It only makes sense that if he comes back then the Packers would for sure win the Superbowl. Place your bets now!


He is a diva. He will probably play for another team and get hurt. His wife will finally divorce his ass-o-ness! He's too much! To quote lonelysandwich (a blogger), "F him in the I, then F him in the other I."


I hope he signs with some crappy team for a huge payday and in the fall Wisconsin born and raised Joe Thomas OL/Cleveland Browns hits Brett "have you seen my baseball" so hard that he swallows his chew...

Sketchbook by Chris

I think this is bad form on the part of Farve. The Team has to put the team first and if Favre loved the Packers, and wasn't being selfish, he wouldn't put them in such a situation. You retired, deal with it. If you didn't want to retire, you shouldn't have. Now it is a game to see who can spin this the best, and I don't see how the Pack win with any decision that they make in this situation.

Kings Fan

In case anyone forgot, Favre had three more years remaining on his contract and HE DECIDED to opt out and retire. He put the Packers in a situation and now he's trying to come back and play for another team. I think the Packers should make him honor the remainder of his contract and then see if anyone wants him when he's 41. For the record, I can't stand Favre or the Packers and was excited to think that John Madden wouldn't be slobbering all over Favre each week when he announced a game. Great, now he has more to talk about.


How about those Angels? Football? - Oh yeah, we follow the LA Galaxy! But we call it soccer here in Southern California. LOL

Fred G

Sports needs new rules. If you have a press conference to announce your retirement and change your mind, you sit out for half the next season. If you cry, you sit out a full year.


What's it matter when InBev, a Belgian company, is going to Buy Anheuser-Busch? What's next; are the Japanese going to buy Ford motor co.? America: land of the free, but owned by everyone else.


"...and there is nothing but baseball now..."

I hate to mention it, but the state religion of NC is still going on right now - that's right, NASCAR (well, maybe it's just behind college basketball in terms of religious status). Personally, I don't consider it to be a sport, but I don't dare say that out loud in the Tarheel state.

I think it's funny that less than a month from the start of the summer Olympics, Bean says there's no sports going on but baseball, which doesn't count. I guess I'm not the only one that can't recall a summer Olympics that has been less anticipated, but that's a whole other rant.

As for Favre, I don't watch football, I have no interest in football, but I've got a rapid Packer fan for a best friend who's been spitting nails today - maybe I can blame the football diva????

If it's true that he still had some time left on his contract, then the management of the team should hold him to it, then bench him. He's pretty inconsiderate - acting as if the whole damn football world was revolving around him. Not cool.


Oh Geez...this whole thing is making me crazy! I love the Pack and I love Brett, but I am so conflicted on what to think that all day Saturday I was a nervous wreck. I even DREAMED about it on Friday night! To make it worse, I'm the kind of person who belittles people that get all crazy over American Idol and I was up to my eyes in self-loathing to boot.
My biggest problem is that Brett didn't keep his word and now expects the team to go back on their word (to Rodgers).
Something is definitely rotten in Denmark here, and each day brings new perspectives on what is happening.
The article you mention is a good one as is one I read in Tonight at 7PST Brett will be on Fox News with Greta CrookedFace telling his side.

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