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July 17, 2008



Never in my life did I think another sport would come before baseball. My God, was I ever wrong.


I can appreciate boobies, but since today's blog was mostly for the guys. May I suggest a blog about David Beckham being an Armani Underwear Model with lots of pics? I'm sure it's a topic your female blog readers would enjoy!


This is why you are my favorite blog. Well, not because of the boobies, but because of the variety of possibilities. Frankly I would have voted for #2 as that sounds like bliss. There's nothing I hate more than icky people and their rambling voicemail messages. OK, there are probably a lot of things I actually hate more, but still... Perhaps in a future post you'll share??


Why does America not let this happen!


soccer still sucks

Kings Fan


John E

Now that's what I'm talking about! Gooooooooaaaaaaallllllll (bounce bounce) lllllllll (jiggle jiggle) lllllllllll!


God bless you Bean. You are why America is a AMERICA!


I'm all for boobies but only two of these gals impressed me and none of them seemed excited beyond belief like in the movies. :) I would have chosen #4. They booed Russell Martin in San Fran so I wouldn't expect anything less from the Yanks when it comes to Boston. Imagine at Chavez Ravine? They would be throwing beach balls and beer bottles! And if a Giant hit a homerun you know they would throw it back! That's how fans show their love!


Whew...I was a little worried at first...but you made the correct yob man!


dude. are you trying to get those of us that actually go to our workplace - and have to use their servers - fired?

as much as i hate baseball, i would have went with the yankee story.

Larry A. (Irvine, CA)

I don't like to use the word "hero" very often, but Bean, you are the Greatest American Hero of your generation. God bless.

cathy g.

like i couldn't guess which one you would pick....

Edmund F

What's up with the Broads asking for Male junk on your site or the chicks that just complain? It's your site and you're the dictator of it. No requests.

Woman, get back in the kitchen and bring me a beer.
Learn your role.


um...those girls are hot, obviously. but no bra playing soccer? those boobies won't look like that much longer. ouch!

Vic Rattler

On the internet, boobs are not hard to come by, I would have preferred Bean on Obama, hopefully that won't get dustbin'd.

And in defense of the Yankee fans, I don't care what the occasion is I'll never root for a Giant. Maybe if Bean was a fan of a baseball team he'd understand., a real one.





Pictures of boobies on the internet? Now there's something you don't see eveyday--if you are retarded and have never heard of google.

I'd have voted #2. My quest to sever all human contact in any form is growing stronger everyday!


Actually, I'd love to read your perspective on all the above.

But the boobies were nice.

Thanks for that.


Just when I begin to question your hetero credentials, Bean, you show your true colors!


It's still true - you can always count on a guy to be a guy, thinking with his penis and everything.

Still, I'm glad you decided not to go with the Obama thing. I've had enough of it already. Isn't it November yet?


thanks for the all-too-manly blog today, I really enjoyed seeing a bunch of sluts' painted over boobs. not. but please don't blog about David Beckham or post his pictures either.

another one of the topics you had listed would have been much better. I demand a redo!!


It's not TOO late to wiegh in on the New Yorker fiasco...I for one would LOVE to hear your take on Obama's ill-managed response to the "controversy".


Now I know why they block your blog at my work! Guess this is overdue for your male readers. Come on women "stronglywordedletter" readers, give these boys a break, we just take for granted that anytime we want to see boobs all we have to do is look down or in the mirror. We don't have to scour the internet to find them. Boys, eat you hearts out!

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