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July 28, 2008



I can't say that it's impossible for it to be true, but I also can't say that it's impossible for it to be untrue.

With billions of planets out there, it's pretty arrogant to think that the only so-called intelligent life is us. And since we haven't contacted ALL the other planets, there's no way that ANYONE can say definitively if we're alone in the universe or not (unless their knowledge comes from the alleged coverup, in which case, they're not going to tell us anyway).

As for Mt. Ranier, Roswell, and other alleged sightings, I couldn't say one way or the other. I wasn't there, but it's also not completely outside the realm of possibility that it happened and it's being covered up.

I once had a sighting of an odd object in the sky myself. I'm not saying it was a UFO, but I'm not saying that it isn't, either. I just don't know one way or the other. But it's possible.


two words "SPACE MADNESS!!!!"


I agree...What does he have to gain from lying?

brother john

Imagine the amount of effort it would take to engineer a cover-up on this scale: sixty years and counting, untold numbers of people in the loop. There would have to be a super compelling reason that would convince everyone involved (including Mr. Mitchell) that keeping silent was in the best interests of the country or even the world. Government employees, civilians, presidents from two parties, congressmen, etc. would with virtually no exceptions take the secret to their graves. The question is not why would Mr. Mitchell lie. The question is why would he tell the truth now?
If someone says that they knew the truth for years but only now on the edge of death decided to reveal it, I want to know what was the super compelling reason that kept them silent for so long? If the reason they give would not convince me to keep silent, then I won’t believe it convinced so many others.
There is no question in my mind that people can convince themselves of almost anything on very little “evidence”. History is replete with madmen convincing others that their particular psychosis is the real truth and everyone who doesn’t believe are part of the cover-up. Mr. Mitchell may truly believe what he is saying. That doesn’t mean we should.
I like the way you phrased it “we are still short of irrefutable proof”.


he could be nuttier than squirrel poop.


Always interesting that these advanced civilizations only abduct trailer trash living in a remote desert.

Ah, the human mind. Picture in your head an alien.

The picture you just flashed was a result of watching too many movies and is entirely a figment of your imagination. You have to admit that you personally have never seen an alien, but that doesn't stop you from imagining one. Or knowing the truth to 9/11 even though you have never been to New York.

The first I Love Lucy show aired in 1951. The signal from that show has been traveling at the speed of light for 57 years. That signal has reached 4 local stars. That is 334,852,295,392,008 miles.

There may be others out there, but the vastness of space makes it impossible to get here.

And why the hell would they want too?


dude has dimentia...maybe senility has set in...unexplained is one thing but crazy old man alien talk is almost funny...but as a side note...aliens been all up and down my neighborhood talking in a strange language, trying to communicate with spray paint by scribbling on the walls, hanging out near Home Depot just watching us...that I done seen with my own two eyes.


Simple answer he needs cash and is writing a book.


I dunno. Maybe lack of oxygen? Perhaps he is looking for media of some sort and the fact that he was an astornaut is supposed to lend some credibilty to his statements. My thought is there has to be SOMETHING else out there in the infinite universe. It is fairly narcissistic to think otherwise. As to wether THIS guy has the inside track....that is doubtful.

The Secret

True or not, we will never know.

I say Mr. Mitchell was on a soundstage in Hollywood for his "moonwalk".

Without absolute proof, it just makes for good debate.


eh, he just strongly BELIEVES in alien visitation and that world governments must know about them and are covering them up. he hasn't proven it (didn't sound like he even had any proof to offer), just like he hasn't proven the aliens actually visited.

he can't possibly be the only whistle-blower out of all the people brother john listed. if any of it is true i think others would step up and talk. speaking of which, why hasn't he ever come forward before when others floated the same premise?


I think that there may be aliens. I think that the government could be covering it all up. But will we ever really be able to know? Nope, and that bugs me.


He's a little light on facts to support this - "I don't know how many, or where, or how they did it . . ."

When my father died in a car accident in 1977, a helpful man/nutcase called us up a week or two later to explain that undoubtedly what had caused the car crash was the UFO flying over head at that exact time. He was clearly sincere and troubled by the idea that we didn't know this, but the experience may have tainted my view of Edgar's revelations.


Too much moon dust.


How about he was the SIXTH man to walk on the moon and who the hell remembers him, but now, no one will be able to forget him?

As always, this is going to generate more controversy rather than resolving anything. People are fallible animals who can succumb to dementia and madness in their old age. A better question would be if mr. Mitchell still has all his wits about him.



i think it's possible since we have no proof of their existance/nonexistance... but i dont understand why the gov't would want to cover up the existance of aliens. we can't handle knowing that we're not alone in the universe?
on a side note, "he could be nuttier than squirrel poop" comment was so great! i want to use that everyday :-)

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