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July 27, 2008



I got the "Obama is a Muslim" email a while back. Is that supposed to upset me? If a candidate worships the moon I will vote for him if he has the right qualifications. I don't know why people think emails like this will scare us away from voting for him.

Ms. Inkymae

Here is another one. I hate those emails...I always delete them, no matter what they promise or what lies they propagate!!


I've gotten all the Obama false info e-mails from the same person that also sends me the ones about the children that will die if I don't forward the e-mail to everyone in my address book, the founding fathers really did intend for there to be no separation between church and state, and all those warnings to women everywhere about the dangers in everything (parking lots, your telephone, Coca-Cola, frozen dinners, etc.).

My personal favorite was the one where the war in Iraq was fortold in the Book of Revelation, which the U.S. will only win for God Almighty if we also happen to clear out the non-believers and the gays in the meantime.

Do people even read this stuff before they send it???


These stupid e-mails show how scared sh**less some people are at the idea of a black president. It will be interesting to see, in a sad way, how ridiculous these accusations and lies get if Obama stays ahead of McCain in the polls.
It is fun, however, to watch stupid family members spout this crap as though it is the gospel truth. When I tell them it's all lies, they insist it's not because they heard it on Fox or from someone at church, so it must be true!


I just got the "Bill Gates is going to send you money if you forward this email" on Friday, from my husbands cousin. I have gotten it several times before and am amazed that it still goes around. I can't believe how gullible some people are and how common sense simply gives way to desperation and stupidity if people think they might get something for nothing!

Preston Scott

I get the exact same emails from my crazy aunts who think that email was meant to forward wacky emails.

What's crazy is the whole Bible thing. It's always the Bible that predicts these things, because in 70 AD, the writer of Revelation was thinking about Obama, Bush, Iraq and of course, the always future antiChrist. These things are forwarded by people who aren't educated in the book, the writer, the audience, and the context.

It seems, at least in my experience, that those who forward these emails are the same crowd that says you all Christians are right wing Republicans who want to bring prayer back in school, who want women who get abortions to be jailed, and think that the world is coming to end with the next Pope.

It's so sad and depressing, to see the Bible to be continually used as a political tool since Constantine decided it was advantageous to claim he was a Christian.

Emily Alexis

My mom just received one of those forwarded e-mails about Obama last week. She doesn't even really like Obama, but was so offended by the content and blatant lies in the e-mail, that she sent a reply to every single person on the list telling them to check their facts before they spread such ugly rumors. I was very proud. And Truth or Fiction is favorite fact checking site.

I would love to sit down and have a chat with people that actually forward this stuff. I imagine it wouldn't be the most stimulating conversation, but it would be like staring into a large fishtank.

Vic Rattler

Two things:
1. A recent Supreme Court decision (re: gitmo) criticized by McCain asserted that a territory held in lease by the US was subject to US law.
Had the decision gone the way he wanted I think it could be legitimately argued that his birth in Panama, a territory held in lease by the US at the time, would in fact disqualify him from office.
A moot point, but I find it funny.

2. There's a President with a LOWER IQ than W? I demand to know his name.


If I see emails from the usual offenders – Delete. If one chain email sneaks in and I’m required to send it to 10 friends, I just send it back to the same person 10 times imagining them trying to figure out who they’re going to send 100 more copies to.

So far, I should have died three times, lost six billion dollars, lost all my friends and love ones, twice and been damned threes times, based on how quickly I break email chains – I can’t attest to the being damned part, but none of the other things seemed to have happened


I just got one that says that I should beware of any e-mail that informs me of an e-mail virus that is about to sweep the internet - if I open up the e-mail that warns me of the virus, I will, in fact, get the virus on my computer.

It also says that this has been verified by snopes, with a link to the snopes page that will confirm that it's true.

So, instead of clicking on the link (I'm smarter than that), I ran my own search on snopes, and found that it was, in fact, FALSE.


Stop the god damn money angels.



This is the website that I like to check when I hear a rumor about our future President. I haven't found one for McCain yet.

Who checks the info on, just because they say true or false doesn't make it true or false.

The Secret

C'mon peeps. Just delete.

But the one about not buying gas on Wednesday is totally true! It will be a big BURN on Big Oil.

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