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July 10, 2008



I love young and dumb

Dave W

I agree with you here Bean. She is 23 and probably fed up with "acting" like a beauty queen. Her true colors and personality have come to the surface and she will be better for it. She'll be fine, the old people will forget and the young will see her as a hero. I do. Plus she is so hot in the "gang" sign picture. I wanna join that gang! I wonder what initiation rituals you have to go through?

your daughter

dad, when have you EVER seen me 1) take a shot or 2) make a tongue-in-crotch sign with my hand? i would be the last 20-something girl to be caught in such a compromising fashion, on-camera or otherwise.

young and dumb

I love you too Tracy!!

John E

Anyone who is throwing a fit about these pictures deserves to be whacked upside the head with his or her bible. This is completely normal behavior - not just for age 23, but also for teens (yeah yeah, I know that teens aren't supposed to drink, but most of them do).

your wife

despite your insistence that she watch all the episodes of "the hills" with you, we raised mel to be a good girl. the only gesture she ever makes with her hand is to wave with love to the crowd, like the royals do, as the peasants go by. i think you are going to be in the 'bad daddy doghouse" for inferring that she might behave otherwise. bad hubba.


dirty skanks + alcohol + camera + internet = My love for the 21st century. Ladies this is a galring example of what NOT to do every single day...but how funny is that ubiquitous bad angled myspace cleavage shot with the 'blue-steel' facial pose

Sunny Days

What an idiot! She's one classy broad.


In todays society this is perfectly acceptable, as long as it's not your daughter.


What I want to know is who is that pouty-lipped vixen flipping birds with Miss Washington?

late reader

really? not that bad, if you think these pictures are bad, go see the ones for Miss Nevada! good lord, Bean said it, that girl is crazy!!!


I think it is EXTREMELY stupid what a big deal is made when pictures like this come out. Almost all of my friends have pictures like these on their cameras, including me, and we are younger than 23. The only difference here is that she won a beauty pageant, and now her life is under a huge magnifying glass (okay, so most of us have never heard of her, but I'm sure there is a big crowd of fans SOMEwhere). And, that's not a gang sign. Since when is everything you do with your fingers considered a gang sign? Soon people are gonna get in trouble for ASL.

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