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July 19, 2008





Wow - if that is not just the essence of the 70s in one little song. The back beat, that groove, I'm feelin' it.


I'm ashamed to admit that I remember the song, but the memory of the poster is much stronger - my older sister had it hanging on her bedroom wall until she graduated from high school in 1975. It was a black and white photograph of a distant man in a dark landscape, with a dark cloudy sky. To me, it was a picture of loneliness. I read the poem many, many times, trying to figure it out (I was still in grammar school).

The thing that fascinated me most was the little squiggly characters within the text that notated the paragraph breaks - instead of the traditional paragraph symbol, the printer used squiggly lines that, for some silly reason, really held my attention. Probably some weird 1970's subliminal message or something...


The National Lampoon version called "Deteriorata" is hilarious. It end with the immortal words: Give up. The chorus is: You are a fluke of the universe. And some of its advice includes" Rotate your tires. It's brilliant.


Wow -- I've been on vacation for a couple of weeks and was just catching up with the blog. Now this just THROWS me back to the 70s!! My 30 year reunion is coming up this year ... maybe we should put this one on the hit list. As always, thanks for the stroll down memory lane! Have a great one!

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