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July 18, 2008



Look at bean rockin the moustache!




oh. my. god. is that Salvador Dali? can't be.


That photo makes a good argument for the saying that pets often look like their owners! LOL

I am really intrigued now (and have been following this ever since she started commmenting on your old blog)... do you really have a daughter? I'm so confused.


Tater, your French bulldog impression is timeless.

your wife


we are so moving to paris now!

btw, though my versailles bike trip sucked, i did learn that "cake" in 1789 france, was actually the ash that fell to the bottom of the over while bread was baking! icky!

anyway, omg you guys are so cute. i am tres desole without you this morning. come back to bed with me and tot!


Is Buddha a puggle?

Tater Tot is always the best way to close out a busy week. :)


hello bean -
oui, quelle personnalité tater-tot a! you don't look half bad yourself (which, sadly, i can't say for most of your pics...). no typos in today's post. i've been away for the last few weeks and i just got caught up on your blog - i spotted a few typos, but i think it's a lil late in the game now... i very much enjoyed your post on the errors of blogging! i think that's half the reason i enjoy your blog so much - u rarely have grammatical errors.
one last thing, i'm hoping that u will consider my bostons for a guest spot on tater-tot friday. clearly, they're not bulldogs, but they do look like mini bulldogs. and u did have a pug (and his tongue) as a guest several months ago, so how 'bout my bostons? i can send u a pic if you're interested.
have a good weekend -


Great picture, Bean! :) I laughed out loud at work! I have seen Tillman on that doggie reality show you were talking about. That show is so bad it's good! Tillman is the mellowest of the bunch and the cutest. Of course not ever as cute as you and the Tot!


Love that picture, even if does put that Katie Perry song in my head.

Hey, the mystery daughter's pup looks like a puggle. Am I right?


Admit it, Bean - you got drunk and Donna drew that mustache on you. When it wouldn't come off you decided to go with it. Nice work.

Happy Bastille day, dude.

Sunny Days

Nice 'stache, Bean.


Tater Tot looks adorable in that picture. and Bean, you look good in a beret! you should wear hats more... or tame that ridiculous hair of yours. or hell, both!

much love.


You are stupid.


I tried to hate this, Bean.

I could not.

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