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July 16, 2008



Or are you a X File. Wait, the new movie is
coming out. Coincidence? I'm just sayin.

Emily Alexis

Maybe you cheated death recently, like Final Destination. Be careful Bean!


Technology dependence is a voracious beast, removing us from our own humanity, and keeping us out of touch with nature and all its wondrous power.

We all know this, but if you think about it too much, you'll be living life in the throes of a monster headache that won't go away.

Dull the pain. Drink more wine. Have a nice day! ;-)


I think the Target thing was an inside joke. They probably said, the day when someone comes to buy Mayo at Target, is the day we shut the power off.

The other stuff I'm sure is just a jinx. You need a Witch Doctor fast!


Ah, computers.
On a PC you normally see "My Computer". I renamed it "I Hate Bill Gates"
I'm much happier.
In this computer world you have to be quick on your feet to analyze how deep you really are to be able to react.

The Target situation was easy. When the cash register didn't come up instantly you just leave the stuff and go somewhere else.

The parking meter is tough because your very valuable credit card has been kidnapped. You know you are screwed and can't do a damn thing.

The movie tickets are even worse. You go on the internet and place your money with a computer that is probably in Russia that deposits your money in the Cayman Islands. Good luck getting it back. You can't even put your hands around the neck of a real person. Or even find a phone number of a real person to yell at.

Welcome to 2008.

Vic Rattler

You think it's dark out on the sales floor when the lights fail (there are emergency lights) you should see the backroom, total complete can't see the hand in front of your face darkness.

Edmund F

What if the robots aren't taking over? Just leaving.

Well...first Will Smith is a tool and that movie looked pretty dumb...but I cannot do anything about your poor taste. You should go old school and try CASH ! Trust me with banks failing the good old mattress may not be such a bad place to put your money...


Aside from the parking meter, I think the electronic malfunctions were a result of your purchasing choices. Hancock? Mayo & Randy Travis? I think someone is looking out for you. :)

Larry A. (Irvine, CA)

Courage, Bean...Courage


bean, i hate to tell you this, but i fear you may be a SLIder. (for more info go to: )

good luck with that.


I'm curious if you went to Target specifically to buy mayonnaise, or specifically to buy the CD, or are those the two things that happened to catch your eye?

Johnny Socko

Although this saying was coined for another purpose, I think it applies equally well to your situation:

"The only common element of all your failed relationships is you."


I'm a HUGE believer in signs and maybe someone is trying to tell you something.....

Resilient Rabbit

You just need to reverse your polarity. Try holding a D cell in one hand and a live electrical connection in the other, while swimming. Should do the trick.


I thought maybe the movie was so bad no one had shown up to see it. Which might just be the case; I only got through 15 minutes of it online before abandoning all hope of being entertained.

The other night I watched Punch Drunk Love. If those things had happened to Adam Sandler in that movie he would have taken a crowbar to all the windows at Target. And that would have been awesome.

Sunny Days

C'mon, Bean, Randy Travis????


One word: Cash.
Also, I can get you the RT if you still need it. Let me know.


Dude ! 15 seconds of darkness is plenty of time grab the boobs of the hottie behind you, pocket a few skittles and then move 3 registers over so the guy next to you gets the blame! I'm just sayin'....


Mayo & Randy Travis in Target?!?!

It's time to swallow the shotgun my friend.

I'm just sayin'...

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