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July 12, 2008


Jennifer George

Wow, I had no idea Tokyo had that many people. I went there recently and I was shocked at how big it was. It was like downtown L.A. except about a hundred times bigger. The skyscrapers just seemed to go on and on. And of course, it's really crowded, but 35 million? Jeez.


I've only been to two cities on the list and I live in one of them. Guess I better start traveling.


Sorry Bean! I've only been to the bad place...

Emily Alexis

I've only been to 4. I guess when I travel I avoid crowds.

Resilient Rabbit

I have been to five: Los Angeles, New York, Mexico City, Beijing and Tokyo. I don't think I'll make it to many more, though. The older I get, the more I try to avoid crowded places when on vacation!

I'm sure you can appreciate that. :-)


I've only been to four of those cities. If London was still on there, I could say five.


I've only been to two. I live in L.A. and have been to New York.
Bean, what is your third city(besides LA & NY)?


Is there a difference between largest and populous? I think so.


#1 beats #2 by nearly twice as much. But if you look at 3, 4, and 5 they are hardly behind, by less than a million.

#20 is about half of #2, the same difference as #1 from #2.

Jesus Tokyo! :-O

Don't those people know the joys of abortion like us American girls do?


11.7 million in Lagos, Nigeria, and every single one of them has gotten my e-mail address from

I've only been to one of the cities - L.A.

I also like to avoid crowded places when I travel, and since most of my traveling involves visiting relatives, it doesn't look like I'm going to make it to any of the other 19 anytime soon.

Bruno Freitas

I've been to six. My family is from Rio de Janeiro... I lived in L.A. for almost two years, the other part of my family is from NYC. During college I moved to Buenos Aires as an exchange student. I have visited Mexico City during my vacation, and I am currently living in Sao Paulo.

But... I don´t like crowded places.
I´ve just go to work. And this is where work is located.


I have no desire to go to any of them now!!

I live in the county of The Bad Place, but I never go into the (shiver) actual city. Yuck.

That's why Oregon is the place for me, only a little over 3 million in the entire state! Yes, please.

Dave w

I have only been to one but I live there so that does not count. I have spent a lot of time here though and it is impressive. If you think that 23 million live in the metro are of Seoul. People always around gets old after awhile.

Dean Lamborn

"Is there a difference between largest and populous? I think so."

Largest equates to area. Think California City, California.

Population: 8,385
Area: 203.6 sq. mi. Third largest in California.

maltese parakeet

it would be interesting to know how many people per square mile. tokyo would probably still win, but LA would go right of the list, i think.

Chris Kiefer

I've been to three - LA, NYC and Manila. Manila was crowded but I didn't think it was that crowded.


I have been to 4: Osaka, Tokyo, Los Angeles, and New York. I think Mexico and LA will have fluctuating populations depending on who is president

Virginia Duan

I've been to five! LA, NYC, Tokyo, Beijing and Shanghai. (Who knew I was so well-travelled?)


Los Angeles doesn't have 12 million people. Is this the Metro area? I don't even think the official metro area is 12 million. Maybe if you added up everyone from Santa Barbara to Irvine, including Riverside, Bakersfield, and San Berdu. The city itself is just over 3 million. At least that's what the signs and the census say. Maybe they are adding the entire population of Mexico to the city. That would make this number more likely. Otherwise, the figure is way off.

Edmund F

F'ing India has 3 in the top 7. 48 Million people in those 3 all together. "Oh we're so poor. Oh Sally Struthers eats our children." I have compassion (which means I am about to say something uncompassionate), but if you struggle with being poor and income how about less kids? "Stop imposing your western values on other cultures" Yet I am supposed to support them.


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