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July 15, 2008



Three words, The Rockford Files!


My favorite show from the 70's is Quincy, M.E. CSI before there was a CSI.


Steven Hawking is "Ironside - 2008!"


I have a cat named Chin Chin. I will now tell my son (who hates the name Chin Chin)that Kam Fong As Chin Ho is Chin Chin's full name. I know he'll love that one.
And thanks for ruining episode #71 for me. I may have gotten around to watching it someday.


I'm going to throw my vote to Rockford and Quincy, too.


If you didn't start humming the theme song the moment you saw Jack Lord than you, my sir, are no Five-0 fan.

Steve McGarrett manages to screech the tires no matter if there is a rush or not.

Nothing ever goes to court. Steve manages to get a confession every time.

It doesn't happen in every episode, but I always look forward to "Book em, Danno".


That show could have used more 400+lb Hawaiian women in muumuu's w/hair up in a ball and sweat dripping from those chubby round faces speaking with that soft sexy sound of an injured monk seal...mmmmmuumuu's

your wife

as another aside, you forgot to tell them about jack lord's statue; where it is and how he will NEVER be forgotten.


I have the theme song on my ipod. It is, hands down, the best theme song. Followed closely by S.W.A.T


It's fun too when they say where they are going, usually a long Hawaiian name followed by "street". Streets of San Francisco was always good for a crazy plot line and guest star, not as campy tho. Another great old show, but from the sixties is "Mission Impossible". The old technology is a hoot!

Dave W

Damn, you could have put a spoiler alert at the top, I had not seen it yet.

Damn you Bean!


I'll never forget James MacArthur's deep blue eyes...being pretty obsessed with most things Hawaiian from the 40s through 70s, Hawaii Five-O was a must see growing up.

An aside: Years ago, I was an invited guest at the 20th Hawaiian Int'l film festival. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Since being in Oahu meant that I could FINALLY see & hear my childhood singing idol, Don Ho. Its a long story how this exactly came about, but not only was I in the audience for Don's show at the Sheraton Waikiki, he invited me to join him on stage (after a lengthy complicated - and entertaining series of scribbled napkins were passed between us via his "assistants" who trolled the audience for interesting -- or in my case, obsessive, fans).

To make a short story EVEN longer, I joined in with Don as he sang "Tiny Bubbles" for the trillionth time, and my vocal performance (enhanced by many mai tais and tequlia shots shared under the table with my new friend from Wisonsin seated next to me) apparently brought the house down.

I don't recall much else, but I have pics to prove that this actually happened.

Anyhow, the above is simply to say that I find it very odd that Mr. Don Ho was never a special guest on HAWAII FIVE-O. He did record a VOCAL version of the theme song ...and also appeared in the 1963 rival Hawaii cop show HAWAIIAN EYE ...but never did he share the spotlight with Garret or the rest of the clan. What a shame. If you're a fan of Don Ho, check this vintage clip out:


Drex from Australia

Bean, I loved reading this article it reminded me of a great aussie band called Radio Birdman who had a hit song called "aloha Steve & Danno" it was a great song, here is the youtube link for you..


yeah what about the statue?

I grew up in Connecticut and Danno grew up nearby. Everyone there really loved him and everyone watched that show.


My high school's fight song was the Hawaii 5-0 theme song.

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