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July 31, 2008


Edmund F

White Zone is for the loading and unloading of passengers only, no buttholes.

If you do that in "the bad place" the police are on you so fast.

Just another reason for you to move back.


"I am, of course, available to you for any further discussion on the matter if I may be of assistance."

God-damnit bean you pompous ass.

That is pretty funny though


I think the only thing left to do - Run for office and build a reputation for your " No Shenaigans Policy! " You have the Audacity- You can CHANGE the world Mr. Baxter!

Chris G.

What in the heck is a "Cell Phone Parking Lot"? I've seen those at Sea-Tac, PDX, and Spokane Intl. My cell phone doesn't need a spot that big...


Yes, I am also curious, what is a cell phone parking lot? A lot where you can park to make cell phone calls? I guess I don't get out much anymore.


i second db's motion - bean, you NEED to run for public office. i think you are exactly the kind of person who could make a lasting, positive difference in politics. if i lived up there on Solitary Island i'd vote for you. any chance of you coming down to "the bad place" and running for mayor here? i'd love to see tony out and you in!


Wow! Even at the tiny Long Beach airport they don't let you park at the curb and wait. I thought that was the law now, anyway. Sounds like Sea-Tac needs a visit from Homeland Security! =)


I hate going to sea-tac when I have to work in our Bellevue office. It takes forever to get anywhere because everyone is parked! and what's with ALL the smokers lining the curb? they have designated smoking areas but it doesn't help that people dont use them. And it's kind of pointless when they are about 5 feet from the door. Also, sea-tac sidewalks are filthy! ew!

but i still love seattle :)


Hi. I assume a "cell phone" lot is a place where one waits to hear the "Honey, I'm here" call? Let me brag on the Nashville International Airport for a moment. Our cell phone lot has an electronic billboard that updates incoming flights. Ie. "SW#1788 from Phoenix on final approach." Furthermore, in addition the "move along" security detail at the arrival location, there are also about fifty 10 minute "standing" spots for cars. If you pull into one of these spots, the timer immediately starts counting down from 10:00 and the second it gets to 00:00 the "move along" police kick you right out. You have no choice but to circle the airport and hope there's another standing spot when you get back. It works perfectly. No one EVER sits in traffic. Granted, Nashville is not the vast metropolis of Seattle, but there you go.

Fred G.

Take the law into your own hands Bean. Next time go early, park your car, get out and start directing traffic. You may have to get a haircut and wear some long pants first to look the part.

p.s. I got called for jury duty - US District Court.


This is why I refuse to pick up my spouse at the airport. He knows that he needs to take a taxi cab home.


wow Nashville airport sounds great! too bad i'll probably never go there :)

ps I also got jury duty too! i forgot about it until i read that comment. i swear i get it EVERY year! lucky me... :-/

Vic Rattler

More helpfully worded than strongly worded...

"The white zone is for loading and unloading passengers."
"No, the red zone is for loading and unloading passengers."
"I know what this is about; you want me to have an abortion."
"It's the only reasonable solution."
Airplane, as best as I can remember it.:D


Leave a suspicious-looking bag there, then call the authorities to let them know that you saw it sitting there unattended. I'm certain that they'll clear out all those vehicles for you pretty quickly.

Sketchbook by Chris

Wow, great letter. I am surprised.


My complaint with the Sea-Tac airport is it is too long. It took me an hour to walk from one flight at one end to my connecting flight at the other end. Sure I had a 3 year old with me, but really, too long!


I just flew in from El Salvador to LAX and they must have one cop for every ten cars circling the pickup area... they even harrassed this woman whose son was stuck in customs trying to track down his missing surfboard and bag while his luggage tags were stapled to another passenger's mercy in the white zone!

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