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July 03, 2008



That happened to me once where I sent a smaller sized postcard. Their excuse was it was small so it probably slipped out somewhere in the mail truck.


Awwwwww, I think that's so sweet that you mail stuff to Donna, just to let her know that you're thinking of her! (I hope that that's not INSTEAD of "date night"!)


Hey Bean...hopefully someone else enjoyed your lost postcard. Wanted to let you know I got my surprise from the Something Store and it was the same stupid zipper thing you got! At least yours was a better color! Happy 4th!!

your daughter

i'm sure mom will let this one slide.

how can you keep calling the postmaster general your boyfriend, when he continues to let you down like that?


You send Donna post cards? That is so sweet Bean!


Good save - Donna, you're a lucky women...


so when you say monkey riding a bike you mean usps mail carrier right?


Who would ever think to put a "return" address on a post card? That doesn't make any sense at all!

Chris Kiefer

Maybe they'll find your postcard under some machine in 75 years and it will gain national acclaim. They'll track your children down and the headline story on Yahoo! will be about the love between Bean & Donna.


ROFLMFAO!!!!!! I'm cracking up over the return address exchange....


I feel your pain Bean, I too enjoy sending random cards in the mail but always wonder if they reach their final destination because of their size. Since when does size matter? =0)


Not relevant to this post, but Bean have you seen the NBC / Olympics commercial starring swimmer Michael Phelps and his bulldog (I think he's a bulldog) Herman? Very cute, the two of them chilling on the sofa. It's on youtube.

Julius Marx

I don't want to rub salt in your wound, but almost the exact opposite happened to me today. I got a package in the mail today... that didn't even have my street address on it! It was some things I bought off ebay and they were a few days later than I thought they'd be.
I looked at the address label... it had my name, my apartment number, the city and the zip code, but NO street name or number. Yet it still got to me! That amazed me.


Last week while on vacation with my niece, I assured it was not necessary to put a return address on her postcards . . .



Great story Bean.
Donna you are a lucky woman.
We should all be married to someone like Bean.


Great story, start to finish.


I think I have fallen in love with you even more, Bean! Donna is one hell of a girl to get handwritten postcards from ya. Lucky Bean!

George Costanza

I wonder if your boyfriend would appreciate us using a return address that is one digit off from the mailing address. That would certainly increase your odds of the mail being delivered to intended vicinity.


Bean I have sitting on my desk a card that was returned to sender for being too small. Just like you, I wanted to know how could they send it back to me, but not to the intended recipient? I think its about 1/2'' off. The post office should embrace smaller mail, its easier to carry!

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