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July 13, 2008



I started with TypePad a year ago, and I'm still with the old composer, but it seems like this upgrade is not something I should look forward to. In the meantime I've been looking at WordPress, and although there are some shortcomings vis-a-vis TypePad, there are other features that are very likely to win me over to WordPress if my composer upgrade has similar results as yours. I'm sorry I cannot help you, but I do feel with you.


Sounds like its time for a change...


Hey, Bean! Sorry to hear about your trouble with Typepad! I wonder though if maybe it has anything to do with using a Mac OS? Seems like we run into difficulties with blogs...for me it's myspace and my computer is unable to use the blog's editor tool bar.
I have yet to try this little add on but maybe give this a try?

Perhaps the browser version as well with regards to your compose editor problem? It seems like when it comes to any type of blog the browser always finds a way of screwing stuff up!
I will keep searching for ya, Bean, as I know you are a busy man! Good luck!

The Nugget

I've been running a successful Wordpress blog over a year now, and I haven't had one problem with it. When they upgraded to the new version, it took awhile to get used to but I've gotten used to it since then.

Not sure if you'll be able to convert your posts/images to Wordpress but start looking into it.

No clue what made you chose Typebad over Wordpress. Nevertheless, make the switch.


Wow. TypePad just seems to get worse by the minute. I love how you have to pay at one of the highest levels to "gain access to priority support". If you're not "Enjoy[ing] professional service and support," as the pricing list says you should at any level, I think it's time to move.

I'm putting together my newest blog in WordPress (, and it's been a painless experience. I'm hosting on my own server, but I notice that if you host at, they have a way to import content from your old blog. There's an active support community, so no waiting around for a help desk to get back to you. Plus you've got me. What else am I going to do with my time, land and work a day job? Apparently not...


I tried several blogging sites over the years and I've found that Xanga is, by far, the best. The community is very friendly and diverse, and their service gives you many options. You can also publish from Live Writer or Scribefire if you choose to do so.

Xanga is a fun community! Check it out!

Vic Rattler

I wish the last site hadn't given you so much difficulty, I liked that blog better than this one. Particularly the comment section, how it had the writers name in bold before the comment, rather than tiny and after the comment as it is in this blog.

Also glad I ignored your suggestion to start a blog myself, bullet successfully dodged.


Thanks for completely ruining my vision of you up at 4 AM manually publishing your blog. Automated publish - bah!

Julius Marx

I'm going to fourth or fifth what everyone else is saying about the ease of Wordpress.
Over at AFI we have our news page and blogs set up on WP and it's been a dream..BUT here's the thing- WP is ok on it's own, but it's a dream with the "wysiwyg pro" plug-in. You have to pay for that plug-in, but it's really reasonable ($30-$40-ish). It makes everything SO much easier and monkey-proof. It' some times takes a few weeks for wsy to upgrade to a new compatible version after WP releases a new version, so every so often you will have to stumble through the slightly less intuitive WP version.

If you can use a word processor you can use Wp with wys Pro.

That's my $.02, as always your mileage may vary.


I know many people who love Wordpress. I've stayed with Blogger and it has gotten better, but if I ever move, I'd move to Wordpress.


I'd love to see a Strongly Worded Letter written to typepad on your typepad. More importantly, I'd like to thank you for jumping through all those crazy hoops and keeping up with your blog. It sounds like a huge hassle, but I'm glad you do it.


free, and mega easy. Cant go wrong with a google product.


I'm a big fan of LiveJournal. It's free and easily customizable.

Nicole McDevitt

I have my webspace thru godaddy and I have wordpress installed on it. I think it's pretty easy to use and I think you can get all you features you want (search posts, ect) using widgets. I've never tried the free wordpress pages so I don't know how that is. Blogger seems to be the most popular for free blogs. Good luck!

Brandon Dove

Bean...Troubles in the blog-o-sphere? I run a small web design firm in Orange County ( and I'd be happy to help you move your blog over to WordPress (it's much better than typepad). I'm going to email you to tell you what kind of deal I can give you.


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