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July 07, 2008


brother john

Thanks for a great time. I had a swell visit.


I didn't know Dave was an artist. It is actually a pretty cool painting!

Nice fireworks display.

michelle k

i love all the pics, thx for sharing them.


First of all - lovin' the long hair. Second of all- did you say you invited people over?! Wow.
Also, the 1905 house is gorgeous (green with envy).


I must have lost my invitation in the mail....if you build a small guest house on one of the many properties you have can I live in it? I really hate LA. Great pics tho


Cool, Bean! Thanks for sharing! One odd thing this 4th, here it is a holiday weekend, and almost no traffic on US 101 west of Port Angeles. Spooky.


ha. so the picture of dave and your wife reminds me of one of those cholo/chola pictures that are popular with those types of people. you can find a whole window display at the local photo place. they all look the same. dave just needs her name tattooed scrolly style on his neck and she needs a hickey. the background is what really sets the tone. good times

your daughter

these are awesome! i missed you guys.

Kings Fan

Thanks for sharing the pics. You look a lot like your dad. Was wondering how many times Dave fell asleep while working on the painting.

Sketchbook by Chris

How soon after Chief got on the island did he ask "When you gonna get a haircut?"?

Great fireworks pics!


What's up with that green loveseat? Good thing dogs are colorblind, or else the Atomic dog would NEVER get any sleep!


looks like everyone had a great time! makes my 4th feel all lame from watching fireworks off the balcony of the apartment. wouldn't have been so bad if they weren't obstructed by buildings.

can i just invite myself over for next year? i'm mexican too!

happy birthday chief!


Great pics, Bean!!! I just wanted to tell you that I got my "surprise" from The Something Store and I got the same f*ing zipper purse as you!!! I think that's all they have!!! I have to say, I'm slightly disappointed...

Johnny Socko

Nice pics! Looks like a swell time was had by all!

I spent the week in San Francisco with my wife (our anniversary is on July 2nd), and wouldn't you know, they moved the fireworks display down the bay a little from where it used to be. So we could no longer see them from the window of our favorite motel on Lombard.

I really love San Francisco, but I'd sure like to know what all those people DO for a living; I couldn't afford to rent a dogloo in that town!


Dave and Donna seem very happy. Congratulations!

Frank Murphy

Thanks for the photos! Wish I could have been there but didn't have the time off from work. What advice can you give to those of us whose fireworks photos are rubbish?

Mister Keith

Gene - It's great to see the pictures, especially of Chief and Anchovy... Your dad looks great.

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