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July 20, 2008



Hey thats a pretty cool website and seeing the old ten dollar bills. It is especially funny when gangs write on the bills. Maybe just a so cal thing


When people "practice their signature" on dollar or five dollar bills its usually to play a game called Dollar Days on a movie set. Everyone writes their name on a bill and throws it in a hat. Then a production assistant or some other peon chooses a bill and all the money goes to that person. Sometimes the director will match the pot and someone could go home with an extra $1,000. in their pocket. Helps morale durning a 14 hour work day.
I've used I got a dollar bill in change at the In N Out in Sacramento, CA which came from Washington originally, and brought it back to Long Beach. Pretty cool.


One of the photos made me think that writing on a bill would be a great way to get a message to a lot of people. Political, ethical, or some other message that you would like a lot of people to see...what a subtle attention getter!


What I love about Sarah and most other people in the "entertainment" industry is that they think theirs are the only jobs that matter.

I guarantee that the tiniest fraction possible of people who write their names on a bill are playing some stupid Hollywood movie set game. There are a hundred other more likely reasons to do it.

Sorry to rant, Bean, but I get so tired of show business megalomaniacs.

Vic Rattler

Yeah Anne, SHE'S the egomaniac.

I did the WheresGeorge once, very disappointing as I was the first person to report that bills location.


I always wondered if you were ever gonna report on It seems like the sort of thing you'd find interesting.

I did that once, it sucked. My bill came all the way from the exciting land of Irvine. And I just went back to check it again and got this:

"Due to monthly database maintenance the Your Bills page is periodically cleared.

Your Bills reports currently in queue: 0."



Remember the quarters with the pink nail polish? I got those in various parts of the USA


Wow I had forgotten about I just logged in for the first time in ages and I got that "monthly database maintenance" message too but you just click Refresh and there were the 3 bills I had registered in 1999... NO HITS! I'm going to start using it again, if I get $1 bills again. I barely ever use actual cash anymore.

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