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August 19, 2008



Maybe Megan Fox would become a 10 if her breasts were more medium...

brother john

The dumbest example of labeling drink sizes has to be at McDonalds. They have a medium, large and super-size. No small.
On the one to ten scale but there is no ten, consider this: In Olympic gymnastics there were no tens until Nadia Comaneci. Until that point the ten was theoretical. The scale was one to ten but there were no tens. Until there was.


I just appreciate the excuse to look at Megan...What an unbelievable hottie!!!


Since you only have the two cup sizes for points of reference, order the "smaller" or the "larger" size.


Brother John...McDonalds has a Small soda...I just ordered one yesterday. Its on the value menu not on the regular section of the menu.

Second, while on McDonalds, why are they left behind on updating their sizes. Mostly all other fast food joints upsized their drinks. For instance, medium became small, large became medium etc. McDonalds never changed.

BTW...Megan Fox is an 11


I saw a target sign some words and then...Megan Fox...but seriously have you heard this woman speak ? It takes her down to a full medium

Sketchbook by Chris

Yes, she is freaking hott. 9 or 10 depending on the amount of nudity.


Megan Fox can talk?


Actually i operate on a scale with no 10's as a true 10 would only exist in your mind. So the highest grade a Megan Fox could ever get would be an 8 or 9.

Vic Rattler

Hate to correct ya BroJo (lying) but the gymnastic rating system operates differently. All competitors start out with an execution score of 10 then the judges deduct points from that, so the 10 was always there like a mountain that hadn't been scaled.

The "Hot Chick Rating System" is clearly based on relativity. Bean is correct that without a 1, or maybe even a 0, at one end and a 10 at the other it has no meaning. If something comes along that is better than a current 10 it becomes the new 10 and the spectrum is readjusted.

Dave W

Well, I am pretty sure this post was just an excuse to post that picture. Well done, sir.

There can not be a medium without a small and large. The relationship is between items known or items that are in possession.

You can't be a middle child and the oldest.


Megan Fox and that guy from 90210 had lunch at the table next to us a few months ago. Too bad we didn't know it was them (we knew it was SOMEBODY that thought they were somebody because she was drinking a large San Pelligrino or some other frou frou water) until after they left and the waitress came over gushing and apologizing for the lack of attention.

Now I wish I'd paid closer attention.


Yay! Thanks for using my email Bean!!

Megan Fox

Hello Bean -

While I appreciate your bloggers attempting to "rate" me, I do not feel I am a 10.

But your little he/she audience can continue to hold up my picture with one hand. Seems that the girlies oogle at me just as much as the little boys.




Hot chicks can only be rated on a binary scale... '1; you would bang them '0' you would not... must factor in alcohol consumption even if you are sober.


megan fox is a check plus plus. end of story.


yes, megan fox is a 10.

Stephen L

all bitches are hoes, which automatically deducts at least one point from the hottest of hotties. Attitude and character come across in appearance, and if a super hot girl thinks she is a ten, she can't be above 8.5 . As for cup sizes, Del Taco owns.. small, medium and macho.


I hate ten point scales. How many things truly need to be rated to that level of detail?
Three points are all one needs: love it, like it, hate it.


This Megan Fox, did she order the medium or large breasts?

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