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August 03, 2008



Wow- you've gotten me to respond two days in a row...(you fill in the blank!)
But seriously, as the owner of three dogs: Roy, Reggie, and Ted; and two cats: Pete, and Annie;
I whole-heartedly agree with your version of the reply...!


Bean, You should take over Amy's advice column!


HA! And with that, you have officially become my favorite show prep page.


Bean-me and my puppy, Olivia, agree with you wholeheartedly. And so do my kittens, Chloe and Zoey.


No, dogs are not the same as people ... oftentimes they are WAY better!!


I'm not a fan of pets being given "people" names. Pets aren't children. However, given the outlandish names of children these days -- Pilot Inspektor, Valetine, Levi, Bean -- and the growing pet industry's focus on pets as part of the family (guilty as charged!) it's becoming more and more difficult to distinguish between appropraite pet names and appropriate children's names. I named my dog based on a joke I heard as a kid, and though I find it funny, not too many people do. But you know what? He's MY dog, and if I wanted to name him "Ura Idiot" I would. (Maybe I should at that to my list for future dogs' names.)
I do like your response to "Upset" though. That's a stupid thing to write about. It's not as though there aren't other people with her loved one's names. Does she take offense to them, too?


My 8 year old cat, Shakira, Thanks You Bean!!! Not to mention, my kitten, Hermione!!!

John E

It's the dogs who should be insulted after finding out they share their names with some bratty neighborhood kids.


Seriously, do people have nothing better to do with their time then to become offended at nothing? I am offended at this womans offense and I reject her completely.


It is not my dog's fault that his name is Charlie Moto Cheero. It is not my Siamese cat's fault that his name is Tobias. But it is my HUSBAND'S fault that my orange tabby is named Nuisance. (His true name is Jeffrey ... I know this because I LISTENED to him, unlike my husband, who simply decided to let a 6 week old kitten loose on the car ride home.) :l


Someone at the LA Times is just as much of a numbers geek as I am. They've put together a database of registered dogs in LA County, focusing on location, breed and name:

Conclusions: Way too many Chihuahuas out there, and people really like the names "Lucky" and "Max". Assuming the letter writer lives in a place similar to LA County, I will hypothesize that the letter writer's nephew is named Max, and that it's not the rest of the world's fault that the writer's stupid kid named her daughter Lucky.


Congratulations, now this has devolved into a "Share-with-Bean-my-stupid-pet-name"-a-thon.

Fing pet parents....


I don't think my cats, Alice (Ali) and Samantha (Sammy)would think to highly of Uptight Bitch (Upset)

Edmund F

Dear Bean,
Why do people get upset over retarded things?
Yours Truly,
Constipated in my pants

Chris Kiefer

I like your response, Bean. I second the notion that you should take over the advice column.

I think pet names give you a lot more leeway to be creative. I would certainly never name my child Bandit, but for a dog - okay!


That was a GREAT comeback Bean!! I agree wholeheartedly. My names are definitely not the normal pet name because I think they are boring. So my dogs are given names that I like; Riley, Quintin, Savannah and Kaylie and people laugh when I tell them their names but no one has ever said you can't name them those names because they belong to a HUMAN!! Ridiculous!

Sunny Days

We named our new, rescued pug after you, Bean.


That probably WAS her response.
Damned editors.


My brother Fido disagrees.


My cat's name is Bob, after Bob Hope, because Bob Hope lived a very long, entertaining life, and my last pet did not - just hoping to transfer some good karma to the cat. (Last cat was named after Rudolf Valentino, who died at the age of 31.)

And for the record, Bob wants to scratch out the eyes of Uptight Bitch. If she's so bugged by this that she needs to write to an advise columnist, then she needs to be blinded so that she can have something that's real to worry about.

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