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August 14, 2008



You both have one more thing in common. The personality of a sponge.

Raul and Phelps will be on a Wheaties box together!


Not to mention that you are both bulldog aficionados.

me again

Yeah, when I was 23, I was throwing rocks....

.....well, you all know the rest of that story!


holy cow! that sounds like a sumo wrestler's diet. no offence...


When his metabolism slows down in a few years and he continues to eat like that he will look just like Dom Deluise


Yeh Bean, I think you are right! I noticed the similarity of the belly button right off the bat! Check it out. You two could be twins.


if i ever was diagnosed with an incurable disease, i would totally go on Phelps’s diet and exercise regiment sans exercise regiment

cathy g.

gee bean, do you have the shaved chest and pitts too??


You go boy!!!


I can't wait to see what he looks like in 10 years. Also, eating all that fat would still be clogging up his arteries right? Just because you go swimming everyday does not mean that you are immune to the effects of bad eating habits.

Fred G.

I call BS. I think his PR team is just listing a bunch of food for potential endorsements (Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Gatorade, Olive Garden) Isn't this how you got your 7-11 / Taco Bell gig, Bean?


i have that body too, bean. its just hidden under all this fat :(


Bean, yours is a more cabbage-patchian physique, no?


2,000 calories/day of energy drinks?

So that's how come he can swim so fast: sugar rush!

Just wait until the sugar crash comes in a few years - it's not going to be pretty.

As for all the other stuff he's shoveling into his mouth, I'd hate to see his cholesterol readings.


Sometimes cholesterol levels more a factor of genetics than diet...

Sugar is sugar, he eats a lot of it! Whatever he's doing is working for him, so I say bring on the chocolate chip pancakes! (Crap now I'm hungry!)

Keith Lowell Jensen

So many comments on where that diet will have him down the road a bit.
I say it'll have him winning more gold medals. Competitive eating just found a new champion!

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