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August 07, 2008


Edmund F

USA USA USA USA USA USA!!! Screw Global community and let's kick some commie butt.

And please keep playing John Lennon's "Imagine" in your commercials. See the song is about Peace through the abolition of Government and Religion among other things. The song is as appropriate to the Olympics as Born in the USA was to Reagan.



I'm so excited to watch the Olympics! I can't wait to watch the corny inspirational pieces, I'll be sure have my kleenex handy. The swimming competitions are my favorite.


yay! i always look forward to the olympics. and i can't wait to see what wacky antics the chinese opening ceremony will have in store for us.

Edmund F

One more thing. They are trying to keep the whole torch lighting thing a mystery. Let's see what mythical Chinese creature could be known to breath fire?? Oh Wait a dragon.

So, yes, the Torch lighting will be a huge dragon breathing fire. On Tibetian Monks doused in gasoline. Sorry to spoil it.

So in conclusion, F Hippies.


Swimming in circles!!! Ahahhahaha. That was the best morning laugh I've had in awhile. Thanks, Bean. I still like you even if you have a freak-of-nature belly button.


I'll be boycotting the Olympics until they have U.F.C. type events there. I mean, since when is dancing around with a stick and a ribbon a sport???

Lol that out of ALLLLLL the sports, China is worried about winning Ping Pong the most!!!


John E

As usual since NBC has been televising these things, it's going to be the worst TV ever. I don't want to sit through 50 minutes of commercials, massively overhyped promos (this is NBC, after all) and human interest stories each hour just to watch 10 minutes of some event I actually want to see.
I mean, screw NBC for bidding over a billion dollars to televise this thing!!! Nobody said they had to spend that much money! Now that they have, it means that we the viewers are sentenced to watch promo after promo after promo after promo after promo after promo advertising NBC's dumbazz fall network shows, not to mention we have to suffer through the weepy, boring human interest stories that they show in order to pull in the "family audience" instead of, you know, actual sports fans who care about these events.
Just sayin'.


My co-workers friend has a son who made it to the Olympics. He is doing the triple long jump. His name is Aarik Wilson.

I want to see the opening ceremony mainly for the fireworks...Them people have good ones

Hu's the President of China


Will not watch-unless Jim McKay gets on the mic to tell me something terrible just happened...what?...really? in June? ok then...WILL NOT WATCH AT ALL


The summer Olympics are boring and not worth watching. The winter Olympics on the other hand have one of the most exciting events ever and that would be curling.


Screw the TV coverage. I'll be watching online coverage of the events that they never show on TV. Team Handball, baby! Modern Pentathlon! Women's Yngling Sailing! (No, I did not make up that last one.) Oh, poor less-popular-in-America events. I'll show you some love.


I haven't heard you mention the Brazilian twins who are competing in synchronized freaking swimming.

PS On behalf of your Los Angeles blog reading crew, let me be the first to wish you a happy Tater Tot Friday.

Young, Hot & Asian

aren't the Olympics some time this year?

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