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August 29, 2008



Bean you've served as my guru in life (via your blog) for sometime now. I was so excited when Season 2 started and am just as sad to see it go. You inspired me to start my own blog, and I can barely keep up with 3x a week posting. I will miss you're witty letters, and random info/obsessions. Have an excellent time in Finland. Your fan for life from the bad place and fellow blogger at Jess


Aw that video of Tater was adorable. looking forward to Season 3 of your blog.


Thanks Bean and the rest of the Baxter family.
Have a safe and wonderful trip. Don't go and do anything stupid now, like run into a tree or something. I hear your driving sucks in
foreign countries. So good by, toodaloo, aurevoir,adios,ciao. And if your confused about what I'm sayin, YOU QUIT DIS BITCH!


Say it ain't so Bean! Your adoring fans await your return.
Have fun in Finland.


You're going away? I never got to set up an exchange of my (still unopened) USB computer vacuum for your zipper purse. :(

John E

Thanks for Season 2, Bean. Let's hope there is a Season 3 sometime soon.
By the way, my suggestion is to continue posting both pictures of Tater Tot AND Donna's great boobs. Just call it "Tater/Tit Friday" next time. Trust me, we'll all be happy -


legends of the hidden temple, right?

how i heart bean...
and brother john too!

just promise me you'll never quit your day job...




Say it ain't so Bean? I love your blog!! Please at least consider a photo blog or something like that. We need something to tide us over until Season 3. Have a great vacation!! Eleanor from Fresno


what the heck? very sad to hear that your blog has a series finale. when will you be back at it? don't listen to what others say. it is entertaining!


So, when's Season 3 start????

P.S. Oh, yeah, have a nice vacation and all that crap, blah, blah, blah...

Sandy Weaver Carman

Have a fabulous vacation...kiss TT right between the eyes from me...let us know where your next blog will be, and I'm hoping you're back soon. Each day after I write my blog, I cruise the blogs...Frank first, you second, but on TTF, you beat Frank! As for Donna...sure do hope you asked before posting Her Bodaciousness!

Never can tell what I'll write about, so if you're up for an adventure, click my name to be whisked away to my daily blog.


Oh no! The summer of death got to Bean's blog too. Well, just like a bad horror movie I hope it has several sequels. Thanks for all the time you spent writing it, hope to see you back soon!


Man, just when I was getting used to having you back.


Let me just echo what everyone above me has said. Looking forward to season 3, especially TTF, stories of your animals, and the waterfront remodel.

Bon voyage and aloha,


Oh no! The Summer of Death got to Bean's blog too. I'll miss stopping here everyday, sure hope season 3 starts soon. You know, I thought I posted this comment earlier but it's not showing up. Maybe the Summer of Death got to my comment too? WHEN...WILL...IT...STOP?

first and foremost your wife has voluptuous breasts. Secondly, I very much envy your life. Every day I wake up to my dingy apartment that I share with 3 douchebags and go to a job that I absolutely loathe in a city that has more smokestacks than trees. I hope to someday live the kind of life you are living.

P.S. finland = winland

cathy g

bean, wtf?? no warning that the season was ending??? how could you do this to me??

i have enjoyed your blog so much... i sincerely hope you come back soon!

TTF was my favorite part of fridays... your next blog should be completely dedicated to her.

much love! i will miss you much!

matt in Huntington Beach

Why did I have to suffer through TTF when it could have been SDM-F (Sexy Donna Monday thru Friday)? Okay, and go ahead add Saturday and Sunday too.
Thanks for this second go around Bean, it's been an enjoyable blog. Looking forward to season 3.


Bean why must you do this too us!! Again. A suggestion for you next time. TTF and Donna's Rack Tuesday!! Wow!


Hurry up and return.
I will miss you and your critter stories.


Damn it. What am i supposed to do at work? Thanks for all the fun reading. Can't wait for season 3...


Man, can we see more of Donna?


Tater tot is absolutley scrumptous! So is Donna btw, what the hell is she doing with YOU??? Sorry to hear about Betsy too, I'm glad though that you were not yet on your trip and were able to be there when she passed!


"I hope she makes you happy just looking at her!"

Yikes, you can say that again.... oh wait, you mean Tater Tot?

Melissa. B

wow hot wife and handsome pup, what more could you ask for??


Come back bean. We are ready for season 3.


Tater Tot Friday.

Miss you Bean :(


BEAN... when are you coming back? too busy watching GG or the Hills? Please, seriously, come back. Don't you miss us yet? Happy New Year to the Baxter bunch.

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