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August 09, 2008



I heard about this but never had seen a picture.

In Huell Howser's words "That's Amazing!"

I wonder how many miles of wiring that thing has.


I really wish this would create a black hole. That would be such a great way to go! I hope Homer Simpson's in charge of operations.


Let's hope the collider doesn't become "self-aware".

John E

Why the hole gotta be black?!?


Now I'm scared, the host of the show Geroge Norey usually talks about dooms day crap, and I laugh, but now I am scared 12/23/2012 :(

your daughter

i hope we do not get eaten by the black hole, we would miss mom's birthday!

Vic Rattler

Scientific progress goes "boink"

I hope to god a black hole is generated so I don't have to go to work anymore.


Does this mean I can stop paying my bills? Who cares about credit ratings, if the black hole is a coming??

Edmund F

and strangley enough, I feel Fine.

Ignacio P.

I'm so excited about this! I was originally gonna write to you about this Bean but looks like you're already on it. This could potentially be very cool!

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