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August 18, 2008



Yes you are a sucker and you suck.


Sucker! But, I'm also a sucker. I have tried zicam nasal swabs and zinc lozenges when I have the first sign of a cold. Neither helped. The taste of the zinc lozenge made my stomach upset, which did get my mind off the sore throat. I would have been better off drinking hot toddy's 3 times a day.


Yeah...go with B. I tried that med once still got sick. Didn't work for me.


i have heard for years (before airborne) that taking a zinc tablet when you feel a cold coming on will halt its progress or at least make it better. i did it and it worked. however, many people report zinc as being tough on the stomach. i think zinc is a main ingredient in airborne but they added stuff to offset that? or not as much zinc in it? i say if it works keep taking it.


Bring on the placebos! If it is working for you, why would you give it up? At the very least you have found the one thing that tricks your brain into keeping you healthy. Plus it's filled with vitamins and whatnot so it's healthy and junk.

Keep taking it. DO IT!



Keith Lowell Jensen

Just because there is not enough evidence to allow the advertising claims does not mean that there is any evidence that it DOESN'T work. Go with your anecdotal evidence, it's what you have.

If it has no negative side effect why wouldn't you keep taking it; placebo or no?

And of course you can experiment with just taking vitamins, etc. in the meanwhile.


I'm surprised to hear you fell for this in the first place, you seem to have a sharp mind usually. I always try to keep this saying in mind when looking at this kind of thing: "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof." You can keep an open mind, but the burden of proof is on the people making claims like "preventing" the cold or flu.


If the Placebo works


The mind is a powerful thing. I've taken Airborne when I've felt a cold coming on even though the scientific part of my brain tells me it's a bunch of hooey. It makes me feel better. I remember a year when they couldn't keep Airborne on the shelves when Oprah mentioned it on her show. I wonder how she feels about promoting a product that got sued for flase (?) claims. I need to finish up my supply then I'll rethink whether or not to continue.


I swear by Airborne and continue to do so even after all of this has come out. I think you should stick with it if it works for you! (As my 3 year olds - yes, I have 2 of them - would say, "Be on my team!")


If it makes you feel better, take it. Just don't be one of those people who confronts any other person with a cold and chastizes them for failing to follow the fail-safe regimen of Airborne or Zinc or Zicam or Vitamin C or Echinacea.

I'd rather open my door to a Jehovah's Witness, than run into a cold remedy true believer.


it'll be interesting to find out if it still works for you after finding your faith in it has been rattled. if you don't have any flights coming up, you could take the airborne, lick the armrests in a pediatrician's waiting room and wait and see.


You're not a sucker! I love Airborne and take it every time I fly for business. I've had the same results as you! Don't care if it is a placebo - if it ain't broke, don't fix it!


I always keep Airborne on hand and take it at the slightest sign of a cold. I give it to my daughter too and we NEVER get sick. We go to Mexico for vacation once a year and we take it before we get on the plane - again, always very healthy trips.
Just because the FDA doesn't "approve" it, doesn't mean it doesn't work. I also believe in the healing affects of marijuana..... I've been on that for 15 years and am the healthiest person i know!
I'd rather take a handful of natural products than even one prescription drug..... and I don't believe in flu shots either.
My dog has skin allergies and the vet recommended steroid shots. I didn't like that idea and decided to treat his skin w/ aloe and tea tree oil instead.... we haven't had a problem since! F the drug companies!

Sketchbook by Chris

If it works for you and they are not pulling it off the shelves, why worry about it, it isn't like you were a spokesperson for the product.


Regardless of what bogus claims they made, the vitamins it has makes them worth the use!

Vitamin A 100%
Vitamin C 1670%
Vitamin E 100%
Riboflavin (B2) 170%
Magnesium 10%
Zinc 53%
Manganese 150%


I looked at the Airborne box and decided there was nothing in there that I wasn't already taking in my daily regimen of supplements.

So I guess it could help if you don't take vitamins and eat at Burger King every chance you get. Which, Bean, I know you do.

EmergenC is a tasty c-blast alternative drink mix that might also help and is probably more economical.


Bean, check out the wikipedia entry for airborne, specifically "testing, research, & controversy" and you might change your mind regarding Airborne.
if you decide to cash in on the settlement, go to:
i did it a long ago when all this started... i'll let you know if i get my check :)


Well it does contain vitamins and such that are known to help boost immunity. My grandma has a cure for everything with teas and science does not want to admit that these do help fight different ailments. So keep taking it if it works for you. You are not a sucker.


If it works for you, stick with it. It's entirely possible that it doesn't work for Test Subject X, but you're not Test Subject X. You're you.



Vic Rattler

I'm assuming for whatever reason you bought it the first time, the second purchase was because it worked. If the suit was because of undisclosed side effects I'd say quit, but your experience with it is enough evidence to stick with it.

What should be interesting is if, now that you are aware it might only be a placebo, it no longer works as well as before.


Hey, if it works for you, long live Airborne! I personally rely on a combination of Vitamin C and Echinacea tablets. stuff works wonderfully against all the sick people you're stuck being around.


You are NOT a sucker. I take this the moment I start to feel sick and I don't get sick. I take it before I travel and I don't get sick. I flew one way and got sick, bought airborne, took it and was totally fine by the time I flew home. Not a sucker.


The FDA does not regulate supplements and products like these and thus there is no guarantee that what the label says is in the product actually IS in the product. It could just be a giant sugar pill for all you know... dumbass

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