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August 06, 2008



I do own a few of the Garfield comic books so part of me does like the cat.

But I have to say that site is pretty funny! Thanks!


Thank you for that Bean. Very funny!


still don't get it


I like Garfield. I can relate. He’s the Holden Caulfield of the cat kingdom. John is pretty funny too. I think he would be on Zoloft and Prozac in real life.


Chris Kiefer

Garfield sucks! Thanks for that info, Bean. If only someone could erase Family Circus from all public existence next.


garfield is horrible. the best cat comic by far is Get Fuzzy

Vic Rattler

Addition by subtraction.


i know that the cat isnt funny but thank god they made the movie. i have a hyperactive niece that will sit for hours watching that movie. peanuts rule!!!!!!!!!!


Never thought much about Garfield, now that you mention it, you're right: not funny.

I'd like to see Dennis the Menace comic without Dennis.

Could this concept be applied to television? How about Irkle minus Irkle? Blossom minus Blossom? Fresh Prince without Will Smith? Alf without Alf? Oh God I hate Alf!


Bean, you are my hero. This is my new favorite site. I just spent my morning looking at every single one of the strips...that could make me seem as pathetic as Jon, but I'm at work and getting paid right now as I look at these, so I'm comfortable with where I'm at.


I always preferred the ones that leave Garfield in but remove his thoughts. Some can be seen here:

There's also the randomizer:

Edmund F

1. Get Fuzzy Rules.

2. Garfield was my favorite comic strip when I was in 3rd-4th grade. It just got old with the same rerun jokes that aren't funny once you become older then 9.

3. It took me along time to realize that I NEVER thought that the Peanuts strip was funny. I just loved the Peanuts TV Specials so much as a kid that I thought I loved the strip. I was wrong.

Kings Fan

Yeah, um, still not funny.

cathy g

i had seen this site before.... pure genius!

do you really think lasagna is stupid?? i think it is delicious!!


i like the other site better with Garfield in it without his thought bubbles.
also, you can call Garfield stupid but do NOT call lasagna stupid! mmm... lasgna

The Secret

You think Garfield is stupid? Yet you like to hang out at the post office, isolate yourself from the outside world, and live in a pink house with a large clown head on it.

People who live in glass houses should not cast the first stone.

Julius Marx

For some REAL Garfield deconstructionist fun you have to check out the "LasagnaCat" channel on YouTube. This guy does live action re-enactments of actual Garfield strips, followed by showing the actual strip he just portrayed and then ends it all with a surreal music video.

Check it out:

They're even MORE unfunny when read aloud, if you can believe that is possible.



And bravo on the Garfield hate. This coming from a cat lover.

Dave W

I agree. When I was in 3rd grade all the kids would read Garfield so I made my Mom buy me the books. I did not get. I bought more and more and I felt like I was dumb for not laughing at it. It ruined me on comics for many years to come. I would not read any comics at all. Until I was in high school and discovered The Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes. Changed my life forever.


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