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August 04, 2008


Kings Fan

While I was in Mexico recently, I noticed that I had to translate the title of the movie to know what was actually playing. I do remember "21" being listed as "Black Jack", which I guess is an accurate translation.

maltese parakeet

here's another one - the sound of music:

in mexico: the rebellious young nun (la novicia rebelde)

in italy: all passionately in its entirety (tutti insieme appassionatamente)

in france: the melody of happiness (la melodie de bonheur)


When I was in Brazil last summer, I wanted to catch Ocean's 13. I scanned the names in Portuguese but didn't find anything resembling Ocean or a number. And then I saw "Hombres con un segredo" Or Men with a secret. I wonder what Ocean's 11 and 12 were called?


Let me guess, Swing Vote translated in any other language means, I Just Blew Ten Bucks.

Emily Alexis

I lived in Thailand for a few years as a kid, and I remember renting "California Man" with my brother. We looked everywhere for it when we got back to the states, but no one had a clue what we were talking about. It was years later before I saw a poster for "Encino Man" and finally figured it out.


When I was in Poland years ago, I remember seeing the poster for the classic Robert DeNiro/Billy Crystal mafia comedy: Depresja Gangstera.


Depresja Gangstera (Analyze This) actually means Depressed Gangster. That translations makes sense. I love the random Chinese ones...those wacky Asians.


I understand if a movie's name is changed if the English does not translate well in the new language. Of course "Free Willy" was changed in the UK since Willy means something else over there. But usually the name change is unnecessary. When I was in Paris a few years ago they called "Brokeback Mountain" "Le Secret de Brokeback Mountain." Why not just keep the title the way it is?

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