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August 12, 2008



My grandpappy bought the Brooklyn Bridge from Armin's grandpappy. He regrets nothing.


I don't get why it was deleted either. Everyone knows that most rich people LOVE other people knowing they are rich and this would have been another way of doing it. I mean can't you imagine people that buy the ruby, "Yeah it was just $900".

It is the same as buying the $3700 pizza with gold shavings. Dumb yes, but its all about status and showing off.

Me personally I still get the free phone from T-Mobile and have downloaded 1 ringtone and was hesitant about that.

Your mom

My computer geek brother got the iphone immediately and loaded every single FREE app when the store came up. So, if everyone did the same thing then of course millions of apps downloaded in the beginning. How many were actually purchased? I expect the shine to wear off and app store downloads to slow down. Kudos to the 'I am Rich' developer ~ genius! Why didn't I think of that?


I am seriously depressed. How honked up is this world?? People willing to spend a grand just to have a reminder that they can. Pathetic, sick, disturbing.
I hate people.

Chris Kiefer

That 'I Am Rich' app should come with pictures of New Orleans, to remind rich people where their money could be better spent.


On the other hand, I was able to download the complete works of William Shakespeare for free.


one word:


Edmund F

Nicole I love and agree with you. Since I am agreeing with you about hating people, I guess I also hate you.

Moving on. The app should have a hidden feature of sending out a beacon so us that can't afford this or have the sense not to buy this can find these people and neuter them. With a spork (comedy trigger word).Then force them to live in a Dogloo(Bean's comedy trigger word).



Do you think when Stevie Jobs passes the company will continue to flourish? Or is this LSD taking genius mentoring another forward thinking out of the box turtle neck wearing dork to lead the company? And if you have to tell/show people you are 'rich' you are clearly not.


No reason to remove such a program. It takes an idiot to click on 'I want to buy this $1000 product' and then relent that he shouldn't have purchased a $1000 product. If a person has that kind of money to throw around, then they have every right to.

Most of us aren't apple users because apple products tend to suck for userfriendly purposes. They truly are dumb friendly. You can figure it out in a breeze. It's just not as comfortable as a PC. --and before you ask, yes, I grew up on apple computers, and when I switched to PCs I never looked back.

brother john

The fellow that jokingly clicked ‘buy’ deserved what he got. He’s like the people that don’t understand the relationship between bidding on an item at auction and actually having to pay for it. On the bright side, the laws of supply and demand are in his favor on this one. If the app is no longer available, then to an interested party, his should be worth much more than he paid for it.
To comment on the comments: I wonder why so many aspire to be rich yet harbor such resentment of those that have succeeded. I suppose they feel that if they were rich they would be 100% altruistic. Having spent years of blood, sweat and toil acquiring the wherewithal to employee people, pay taxes, promote the community and generally improve life for all within their sphere of influence, they would not indulge themselves in the least. Or so they believe. Bah Humbug.


This is the reason why I will never have kids because I would never bring a child into this world and have to deal with the pressures of having money and then feeling like a failure when he/she doesn't. This is such a ridiculous world we live in.


Reading this blog from my Apple G5. At WORK. In the state where BEAN's tax money bought it for me; this and a 23" cinema screen. Now if only I could justify an Iphone for official govt. business...

Debbie? You could always go buy some rural land and homeschool your kids there without tv or internet and instill your altruistic values in them... I can think of better reasons not to have kids!

Fred G.

Hey Bean,
I'm working on a "Something" app. For only $10 you can download something that is most likely uselss. Let me know how many you want.


Like Raul, I still get my basic, no-frills cell phones for free from T-Mobile, and I've never even download any ringtones.

If you need your phone to do be able to do so many other things, then you obviously have too much time on your hands.

And I agree with db - if you have to show off that you're rich, then you're clearly not rich.

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