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August 25, 2008



As long as you do not come back i will be happy! DORK!!!


Unfortunately I haven't been out of the country (yet). But I do reside in North Pole, Alaska, and have lived in this state for about 18 years now. I would highly recommend taking the time to drive up the Alaskan Highway, and try to get to Barrow, which is the furthest north city in Alaska. I still have not visited Barrow, but I've heard it's worth the trip. Just make sure to avoid the entire state in the winter. Where I live, it gets down to -50F!!!!


I have the Fjord Cruise during Christmas/Northern Lights season on my list...the Arctic Circle drive seems a little extreme tho...good luck with that...feed the sled dogs well


i actually spent a week in helsinki and it was ridiculously amazing...since i went to study architecture i did the more artistic things, but i would highly highly recommend the following.

the rock church temppeliaukio
finlandia hall
helsinki university of technology at otaniemi
kiasma art museum (there's a place almost directly across the street from here that was designed to look like a film reel that you might like as well)
hvvistrak is great for older architecture and gardens
alvar aalto's home and basically anything he designed is a high priority for being in helsinki
senate square is pretty cool too..a good place to just sit and eat some ice cream and people watch
esplanade for good shopping
and if you're still in the mood for the olympics, helsinki's olympic stadium

and while you're there you might as well eat some reindeer as that's a speciality :)

have an amazing time!


I have not been to Finland so I can't help you there, but I recommend
I signed up when I was going to New Zealand and I joined one of their New Zealand groups and asked people to recommend places I should visit. I even met a few ppl and traveled with them and surfed a couple couches. :-)


Too bad you just missed the international air guitar championships, which were held in Oulu, Finland last week! That is the next dream vacation on my list, having just returned from Evel Knievel Days in Montana a couple weeks ago.


Bean, although you said you've never been there, the city closest to Seattle is actually Auckland, NZ.

Check your email for details/photos.


a little something from wikipedia

Outdoor activities range from Nordic skiing, golf, fishing, yachting, lake cruises, hiking, kayaking among many others. At Finland's northernmost point, in the heart of summer, the Sun does not completely set for 73 consecutive days. Wildlife is abundant in Finland. Bird-watching is popular for those fond of flying fauna, however hunting is also popular. Elk, reindeer and hare are all common game in Finland. There are many churches, cathedrals, museums and castles. Olavinlinna in Savonlinna hosts the annual Savonlinna Opera Festival. The capital city of Helsinki, on the other hand, is famous for its Grand Duchy era architecture, which resembles that of imperial St. Petersburg.


well I have not had the opportunity to leave the country yet, let alone visit Finland. but I do hope you have an amazing time there, and please take many pictures to post for your faithful fans on here!


Krystal: Good suggestion, but Bean's already done the "first sunrise in Barrow" trip. And that IS a trip...

Bean: One of my favorite photos at one of my favorite websites ( just happens to have been taken at Helsinki airport. This will give you a good idea of what to expect if you were to make your trip a little later in the year:


I KNEW IT! I told you I was worried about you going off to do some ice fishing from a fjord and now look what you're planning. I only checked your blog because I hadn't heard back from you, and see what I found?! Well, I'll see if my Finnish friends can offer some help for you anyway. And maybe some people I can send as a search party if you don't come back when you oughta.


Safe Travels Bean. Let's hope you don't drive your uber compact rental car on the train tracks like your visit to Sweden.


go to lake bodom where 3 people were murdered and an awesome band got its name from that event: children of bodom, which is what they should be playing instead of freaking 40 of the same only somewhat good songs over and over... but anyway, they never found the killer but they believe one of the people did it. by the way, one of the guys who was a suspect, his last name is (i kid you not)... assman. yes.


@ Krystal- people can live in -50F on purpose?! If a plane that I was travelling in crashed in your area I might make an attempt to survive, but I don't even like +50F so much. wow, call me a sheltered southern Californian, but that's freaking me out...

cathy g

wow - you leave for finland friday and i leave for your beautiful state of washington that day (though i am heading east to spokane)

many safe travels.... never been out of the country so i am of no use there. can't wait to hear about your trip!


Some suggestions I read about today for your trip.


Hey Bean, You’re going to have a great time visiting Finland. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to tour Scandinavia in the summer of 2003. ( Unemployed with credit card ) The people there are very gracious hosts and nearly everyone (at least those born after the war ) speaks fluent English. The only phrase that you may what to practice is “seitseman - yksitoista ? “
…… the way, all the women are named Katrina and none of them have ever heard of bras.

Mats Häggback

I LIVE IN FINLAND!!! I was just listening to the podcast, like everyday at work. Then I heard you're coming to Finland?! I'm very honoured to have you in my lovely country. I live in Vaasa on the west coast. Many people here speak Swedish so Vaasa is also known as Little Sweden. You really picked the perfect weekend to visit too. This weekend is aslo the end of the "archipelago-summer-cabin-season". So there will be a lot of parties and tons of beautiful fire works to see.

Helsinki is very beautiful but I also think you'll enjoy the drive up north. I really hope you'll stop by Vaasa. The city actually consists of different islands and bridges. And the archipelago here is actually on UNESCO's list. We also have the longest bridge in Finland. It's called Replot Bridge. Use wikipedia for more info.

Wow, I'm so happy you're coming in Finland. If you need a guide or any help just let me know!


Hey Bean! If/when you get bored/broke in Finland, just remember Estonia is only a 15 euro and hour and a half hour ferry ride away from Helsinki... The old hansa town of Tallin is a kick ass place to visit with the old city wall still in tact... The dollar goes a long way and there is no visa necessary... The food and drink is top notch... I recommend the Bavarian Brewery in the old town... best of travels Bean, and if you are ever in southern Sweden, please give me a holler...

sincerely your longtime, faithful and humble fan, Mart

Don F

I've always wanted to visit that part of the world as well. Namely Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland. Someday maybe.

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