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August 01, 2008



Looks like Tater is going for the gold!

Never fear dearest Tater Tot, I heard they have taken dog off the menu.

Have a great weekend.


Bean, your whole Tater Tot post is great!!! Great way to end the week!!! Have a great weekend.


Oh, goodness. That video is the sweetest thing I've seen in a long time. Thanks for sharing.


I so look forward to Tater Tot Friday...always brings a smile to my face. Thank you. and Thank You Tater Tot for just being you!!! Keep up the writing Bean...I love it.

Emily Power

Weird, my dog was walking around all bothered because someone was walking by outside. Now she is sound asleep at me feet, I was playing it through the speakers and now she is asleep. I may have to use this more often!


F you bean. I hope Tater Tot ends up on your plate with a hot dog.


To Stephanie; thank you! that was the sweetest video i've ever seen!


so cute! i want to pat her sweet little head!


i think i'm alone in not really caring for tater tot fridays but this pic was very cute. it's just that the other days i get to read something amusing for a while but tater tot fridays, i look at a pic and it's pretty much it... oh well, it's only one day out of the week :)


Oh Bean, Thank you AND The Tot for putting a smile on my once frowning face. I look forward to T.T. Friday but today's was extra special with that video. It is so BEAUTIFUL. Goes to show you there are still some sentimental; kind and caring folks out there. Thank you again and have a wonderful weekend yourself.


The tot is especially angelic-looking today, and Lily, the bonus bulldog is pretty darn cute, too.

The video is so sweet. When I used to have dogs, they usually just settled for a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel and a ticking non-digital clock when they were puppies. If I'd sung to them, they'd probably would have stayed awake and eaten my shoes for revenge.


That is seriously the cutest video ever.

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