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August 15, 2008



I bet Tater Tot has a heart of gold as well!


gosh, bean. she's so cute. i just want to give her a big ol' hug.


Here we go, ready? One big collective,



What a great pic of the lil baby Tater Tot! I can't stand how damn cute she is!!! So jealous Bean, so jealous....

Oh & THANK YOU for the lil clip of Michael Phelps & his bulldog, Herman! I was actually searching yerterday for a pic of his bulldog but had no luck!

Have a good one!

me! =)

Keith Lowell Jensen

Does she skateboard? It seems second nature to bulldogs to ride a skateboard. If you haven't let her try one out I highly recommend it. In fact, the skating bulldog might be the new cigar smoking bulldog, good for these health conscious, not so keen on animal abusing times we live in.

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