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August 26, 2008


Jennifer George

English Patient is one of the most overrated movies of all time. Only Elaine Benis spoke the truth.


i remember ghandi when it came out but have never seen it; i will make sure to check it out.

by the way i really thought i was the only person on earth who had not seen braveheart and dancing with wolves. i feel better!


I thought Bravehart was good. I'm not a Kevin Costner fan, so I didn't like Dances with Wolves, and The English Patient was horrible. I'll have to check out Ghandi. Movies are only good if you can follow it up with a holloween costume.


I still can't get over the fact that Cuba Gooding Jr has an Oscar....but he went full never go full retard

Chris Kiefer

2 hours is about my max time to invest in a movie in one sitting. I had to watch Godfather in 4 parts. I may check out Ghandi when I have a free week.


ashley tisdale is in donnie darko as well...

but i'm sure you knew that...



Just remember this; had it not been for Gandhi we probably would actually speak to someone somewhere in America when we have an issue with our computer or other electronics instead of someone in India . For that reason alone I for one am not a fan of his and I boycotted the movie.


I remember my dad sitting me down to watch this movie with him when I was a kid. We talked about it a-lot afterward and it always meant a-lot to me. Its odd that I haven't watched it since. I should do so.

As for the comment by Wag, I'm totally relieved when I call tech support and get an Indian voice instead of a Texan one. I know I'm stereotyping here, but I've gotten patient and knowledgeable help from every Indian techie I've dealt with, and I've hung up without my problem unresolved every time I've spoken to Mary Sue.

Vic Rattler

No, we'd still speak to Indians, they just wouldn't make any money for talking to us. And I do remember Marty Sheen in there, specifically from the part where he declares India free just on the basis that they are resisting.

I'm not so sure LOTR will hold up Bean. The books absolutely, the movie... eh.


I saw that you had a post titled "My Favorite Indian" and I'm only a little sad to see that it wasn't about me.


I didn't see Dances With Wolves until about 15 years after its release but enjoyed it immensely. I can see skipping Braveheart, but you really ought to watch DDW.

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