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August 17, 2008



Well you dodged that ten dollar giveaway bullet and..... so did we!


carole king's tapestry is one of my all time favorite records. and, there's just something about casey kasem's voice that brings back good summertime memories.


dude....seriously get a fing life bean!!!!


Do they repeat the long distance dedication? I remember listening to Casey on my portable am radio as kid. Now that I have an ipod, I rarely listen to the radio.


I was out at our ranch yesterday, so I missed Saturday's blog, but Breeyaunauh would have been my guess. I'm always a day late.

Vic Rattler

Even Boomphreekka thinks that's silly.

Keith Lowell Jensen

Where do we find these re-broadcasts? I would love to listen to old countdowns.


This how freakin' old I am, I own five of those singles as 45's including #9


What is wrong with my people?! Just stop with the messed up spellings & messed up names!

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