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August 08, 2008



TGITTF! Great story on Napoleon.


Really cool snow pic. He looks like the happiest dog.


Great shot of Tater Tot!!! I hope someone finds the bastard, too. Go Napoleon! :)

The Secret

Really? Snow pictures? Come on Gene.


Thanks to you and Napoleon for reminding me why I like most dogs more than most people.

Edmund F

Kitttttiiiiieeeeessssss!!!!!!!! I love kitties. Kitties are the greatest invention since sliced bread.

Dogs are OK. They're no Kitties, but they're OK.


Ugh, that is disgusting that people could do that to kittens.
I never heard of a dog that couldn't swim, interesting!


What a touching story. Go Napoleon!! I own basset hounds and they despise water as well (unless they are following a scent ... LOL). I want to snuggle Tater!!


Hot? This ain't hot, Bean. I just came back from central America. Seattle never really gets "hot". At least not like that.

Russel P

Great photo of Tater Tot! Nothing beats the happiness that a frolicking bulldog can bring. A bulldog has an array of expressions and antics that can bring a smile to your face after the worst of days. They expect nothing from you, yet shake their entire backsides when you walk through the door -even when two hours late getting home from work. A brief belly rub causes grunts, snorts, leg kicks and happy noises that simply embody joy. All the audio and frequencies that exist could never improve upon these sounds. Anyone who has owned one can tell the cadence and sound of their nails on a hardwood floor from any other breed. Sure, my Lily will never be a Frisbee dog. She can't swim a lick. And yes, she snores sometimes. As a matter of fact, it's even a real pain to take her out to pee if it's even remotely (what she considers) raining. But to have a bulldog is to love a dog. God bless Tater Tot, and I don't even believe in deities.

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