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August 11, 2008



I was shocked by Mac and now Hayes as well. I call Paul Newman on the next list.


Harry Belafonte's still alive????

Personally, I'd nominate Urkel instead.

Edmund F

My vote would go for Michael Jackson, but does he still qualify?


And Jessie Jackson is still alive! What the hell!


How about Obama? Doesn't McCain consider him a celebrity?


My List:
Nick Cannon
Bobby Brown
Wayne Brady in a hotel room with a red ball stuffed in his mouth, plastic bag over his head, needle stuck in his arm,2 midgets, a tranvestite named cookie and Andy Dick

John E

Why the death pool gotta be black?!?


LOL at John E's comment!

On a more somber and personal note, I had forgotten you had dubbed this the "summer of death." We lost two special needs friends at the end of July. Is it me, or does it just seem like this year is full of more death than most? So sad.


My list:

1. Robert Downey Jr.
2. Michael Rhapapport


i dont wish death upon anybody but we seriously need to thin out the heard. we got some really stupid people living among us....

so lets change the topic shall we? why dont we debate on which is hotter?? kristen bell, megan fox or hayden penettiere?


lets not talk about death. how about the female athletes from scandinavian countries?? the only reason i watch the olympics. yes..U.S women's gymnastics too!!


i think it's Muhammad.

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