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August 23, 2008



wow. I can't believe that somebody is actually defending these gutterbirds against human ignorance. I won't ever harm a pigeon, but these feathered rats will always be nothing more than chattering disease bags to me.


While I can't recall not totally agreeing with anything Donna before today, I have to say that Linus Roache has singlehandedly ruined Law & Order.


It's not very interesting, just a gradual progression. Originally, it was just the holes in a pigeon coop that led to the nestboxes. Then, because they looked similar, it came to be used for the compartments in the back of a desk where papers and things could be sorted and stored. And it gradually became a verb to refer to the act of sorting. From there, the negative context associated with being unfairly categorized with one label.


Let me add another AMEN to Courtney Humphries's wise words! I have always liked pigeons. I will go see how much this book costs.

Vic Rattler

Yeah, my negative view of spiders is due to my own ignorance... not them biting me and injecting their toxin, that's all gravy.

As for Netfilx, I just watched "The Assassination... James... Coward... Ford."
I found it both dull and interesting at the same time.
Congratulations(I guess?) movie.

Edmund F

In another strange coincidence that Bonham chick, who your wife hates, had a large number of her relatives killed this weekend in South Africa. Your wife was probably up to it, since she hates.


I saw, possibly the most obese person I've ever seen standing without assistance looking at a frog at the zoo saying "That all it does? Sit there? That things stupid."

Heh heh. I'm guessing she doesn't like pigeons either.

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