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August 05, 2008


michelle k

haha! aww. it looks like an eye! now all it needs is a tube.


My eyes, my eyes....for the love of God, help me. I need to go to my happy place.

Edmund F

Why couldn't it be a tail? That thing is RAD!!!! I would wear too short shirts just to show it off.


It looks like an eye without my glasses on! Like an alien eye! Unless it brings you pain I see keep it and wear it proudly like your devilish good looks!

brother john

I guess due to the "accident" you've forgotton the tale. When Chief and Mom found you in the field they noticed you had no belly button. Afraid that this would cause too many questions later they procured Alfred Hitchcock's Belly button that had been removed some years earlier.
Now you know why you feel such a connection with the Roswell incident.
BTW. Don't look at your elbows unless you want to be really upset.


It looks like a fetus eye inside a womb!




It looks like an flesh colored eye. If it doesn't bother you, forget surgery. But, you should ask Donna, if she wants you to take care of it, you should.


Looks like you are sticking out your tongue at us.


you should SOOO-O-O-O tattoo an eyeball on that thing.


by the way, your brother is awesome. where is his blog? =)

Edmund F

Like Donna has ever seen Bean naked.

Sketchbook by Chris

Yeah, I took the advice and I didn't click...


It looks just like my brother's! I can't wait to tell his racist ass that his African decent caused this...

maltese parakeet

i assumed it was another rick-roll and did not click

Kings Fan

Without question, that was one of the grossest things I've ever seen. I couldn't have prepared myself enough for that. What? That was just your belly button? Oh... never mind.


um, it's staring at me!!!! Make it stop!!!


Nice skin eye. If only you could make it blink...


looks like a baby mouth with its tongue sticking out. my father developed this and it exploded. good times.


You cannot be fascinated with tails as oddities if you have this knob on your front.


it's kinda cute; soft and round... would go great with cut off t-shirts!


My retinas!!! They burn!!!!


So you have the belly button of your black ancestors, but not the penis size, eh?

Julius Marx

I know the picture is out of focus... but shouldn't there be...I don't know... hair around it? You don't wax your torso, do you?

You should TOTALLY get a wicked tattoo that incorporates it! Like a baby's face where that's the mouth or the eyeball!!

I think I'll submit that picture to for a Photoshop contest!


That's pretty badass.


Is this what your blog has come to? I think I'm gonna throw up!

Michelle Andalon

dude.. you may want to get that thing circumcised, for health issues... oh wait, isn't that you're junk?


Bean if one were to walk around the room, would your belly button eye follow you?

Bean, I want to make sex with your mutated navel


as if you didnt have any more reasons to kill yourself


That's not your belly button Bean. It's your vagina.


Bean are you sure that is your belly button. Looks like it might be what I would imagine to be below the belly button. Are you sure you didn't hold the camera too far down, or are you trying to be an exhibitionist under the guise that this is your belly button? Yes! I think I have this figured out! You show-off! You go guy, Dona is very lucky!!!!


It winked at me!


OMG a lil penis!!!


Oh, god. Why?

Master Chief

Thank you Bean for that info. I never heard of this naval issue. . .

I googled the Umbilical hernia images. . .and yours is not that bad compared to other mutants.

Once again thanks for that info . . . Bean.
You are one of a kind.


You owe me 2 minutes of my life back, you son-of-a-bitch!




It does look like a doll's eye. I think I am going to have nightmares tonight. Thanks alot.


Bean,You should wear hip-hugger jeans to show it off!!!!!!!!

BTW: You Suck at taking pics, get a camera with macro settings.


How do we know this isn’t an intimate picture of tater tot’s pink eye?


Bean, have you and decency ever met?

mary BF has this same thing! They (he and the doctor) talked about the surgery thing, but for now, I just poke it back in with my finger.


Looks like a mouth sticking out its tongue!!

Michelle Renee

Looks like an infants head when it is being delivered.


While driving home yesterday after reading this blog, my son's friend asked me if I knew what "omphaloskepsis" meant, which I didnt. It means to examine one's navel. Little serendpity for me today.


Looks like an oversized stomach clitoris. Do you get turned on when you touch it?




I actually had this Too. I had surgery to fix it. Its not that bad. My doctor said its a good idea to have it repaired it can get bigger. Strangulation can occur causing Injury to the blood circulation to the Intestines. INCARCERATION can also occur. Mortality rates are high in patients not treated quickly with surgery.
You may want to consider the surgery. I don't mean to scare you but Just thought you should know.

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